Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Enslave Me Sweetly - Now in stores!

Enslave Me Sweetly by Gena Showalter

She has the heart of a killer, and the body of an angel. . .

Eden Black walks among humans, protecting them from the murderous evil of other-worlders who abduct and enslave. And though she appears to be human herself, Eden is an alien, a Raka, distinguished by her golden hair and skin, and gifted with the ominous ability to kill without remorse – and with total accuracy. That is, until the fateful night she has one shot to eliminate her target, a human slaver – and misses.

“Failure” is not in Eden’s vocabulary. Neither is “partner” – but that’s what she is forcibly assigned after recovering from her disastrous mission. A sexy, steely-nerved human agent, Lucius Adaire enjoys nothing more than sparking the fury – and rousing the desire – of the fiery female assassin to proud to admit defeat. Locked in an assignment they cannot afford to lose, Lucius and Eden find themselves bound in two high-stakes, heart-pounding games: the dangerous web of kill or be killed, and the erotic dance of seduction. . .

Showalter first demonstrated her skill at blending sizzling romance and nail-biting suspense set in a convincing futuristic society in Awaken Me Darkly (2005). She now continues the roller-coaster-like adventure in an equally entertaining tale that will please a wide cross section of readers. *Starred Review* Booklist.

Order your copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or BooksAMillion.

For more information, visit Gena’s website at http://www.genashowalter.com/ and her blog at http://www.genashowalter.blogspot.com/

Monday, May 29, 2006

Drop Dead Gorgeous is Drop Dead Fabulous!

Where is love when you really need it?

Certain that she will depart this world at the tender age of twenty-eight, Madison O'Donnell is determined to experience breathless, passionate love in the two weeks left to her, no thanks to her stuffy boss, T. Laurence Hobbs!

T. Laurence is the perfect tax accountant, a man who likes his ducks in a row and his numbers in a column. But there is no way he will sit by while the lovely Madison throws herself at the absolute wrong man.

If the only way to save Madison from herself is to make her fall madly in love with him, then it's up to T. Laurence to make it happen. And as he turns his number-crunching skills to capturing his sexy secretary, he's beginning to think that there is more to life than death and taxes!


I just read this book over the weekend and I have to say, it's just been added to my keeper shelf. It definitely goes into my Top Five for books so far this year. Do yourself a favor and read this book - you will not be disappointed. If you're a fan of Cruisie - you'll love Jennifer Skully! In fact, I loved it so much, I ordered her entire back list.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Check Out This Hot Read!

Sunset Key
Cassidy Kent
ISBN 1-59426-563-1

Freesia Daniels, personnel specialist and consummate planner, wasn't prepared to get the boot from her company for possessing a heart. When she decides to return home from Boston to the sunny beaches of Key West to lick her wounds, she discovers her heartbroken past has finally caught up with her in the form of Zachary Gray, her childhood sweetheart. He lures her to his island getaway and lands them smack in the middle of a raging hurricane. Lightning doesn't often strike twice, but this storm might give them both a second chance at love.

Size: HeatSheet
Rating: Pulsar
Excerpt: http://www.phaze.com/Excerpts/SunsetKeyExcerpt.htm

Note: Cassidy Kent is the pen name of my Romance Divas co-founder and personal webmistress, Jax Crane, so please support her by downloading this fabulous story - after all, it's only $2!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Getting Back In The Saddle

I'm done traveling for awhile, thankfully. Don't get me wrong, I love to travel - but I really want to get Date With The Devil done by conference. See, I just can't pitch a book that isn't done. I don't feel right about it. I will, however, pitch a book that might not be fully polished. I can polish a book in a couple of weeks but to have to finish one...I think it would just end up a mess.

Anyway, it's time to write again. So stay on me. I need to be accountable. Today's goal is five pages.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Pics from RT

Since blogger is finally cooperating, here are some of the costumes my roomie, Lara Santiago, and I wore to the parties.
Here we are at the vampire ball. Are we scary and cute?
The fairy ball was the most beautifully decorated of them all. And had some of the coolest costumes!
This is the fantasy party - I was Simi from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Darkhunters (note the horns) and Lara was Mata Hari. Fun stuff!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Sound of Strangers Singing

I've been sung to twice today, once at breakfast and once at dinner. Ignoring the fact that it's my birthday, I'm just happy to be home from RT.

Pics and stories tomorrow!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Kauai Pics - Part III

Just a few more pics of Kauai - this time with us in them. I'm off to RT on Monday so when I get back, we'll be doing pics again! Here's us on the helicopter. I'm not feeling as carefree as I look. Seriously.

This one's pretty obvious. It's us outside the copter, after the ride. My smile is completely genuine at this point.
Here we are on our last night at the Bali Hai restaurant. And yes, my arm is completely sunburned thanks to riding in the golf cart with my hubby and not wearing sunscreen. Still, I'm looking very island-y in my native sarong. :o)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kauai Pics - Part II

Today's pics are strictly scenic. Kauai is one of the most beautiful places on earth. This pic was taken at the Kilauea Lighthouse bird sanctuary.
Here's a shot from the helicopter tour we took showing the Na Pali coast line. Look familiar? It's been the setting for numerous movies, including Jurassic Park, Seven Days Six Nights and The Thorn Birds, just to name a few.
Speaking of movies, here's a shot of Bali Hai, made famouse by the movie South Pacific. It's also Hanalei Bay - as in the place Puff the Magic Dragon lives. (And it's Hana-LAY not Hana-LEE.) And here's a sunset over Hanalei Bay. Much more impressive in person, I assure you.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Kauai Pics

Today's topic: Flora and Fauna
I don't know what flower this is but I thought it was beautiful.

Ah, the Kauai icon - the wild chicken. They are everywhere! And the roosters like to compete to see who can crow the loudest. Usually at 3am in the morning.

Red hibiscus used to be the Kauai flower until the powers that be realized the red color was man-made. Now it's the yellow hibiscus because that color occurs naturally.
The national bird of Hawaii, the Ne Ne goose. Very sweet little creatures who seem to enjoy buttered toast more than you'd think. Not that we threw our buttered toast off the balcony or anything.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Back From Kauai!

Home now - great trip - hope to post some pics tomorrow!