Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What A Real Man Does

A real man is a woman's best friend. He will never stand her up and never let her down.
He will reassure her when she feels insecure and comfort her after a bad day.

He will inspire her to do things she never thought she could do; to live without fear
and forget regret. He will enable her to express her deepest emotions and give in to
her most intimate desires. He will make sure she always feels as though she's the most
beautiful woman in the room and will enable her to be the most confident, sexy,
seductive, and invincible....

No wait... sorry... I'm thinking of wine.
That's what wine does...

Never mind.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Whut? It's Caturday.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mmm, Butterbeer

Yesterday, Hotrod and I went to Universal and had a day of silly fun. It's the best kind really, riding rides, watching shows, eating stuff you're not supposed to, you know.

One of the things we got to do was visit the new Harry Potter section of Universal's Islands of Adventure. The Forbidden Journey ride, a 50 minute wait while the rest of the park's rides were 15 minutes tops, was worth it. (The wait was made especially interesting due to me pointing out to Hotrod that one of his socks was on inside out, and then his insistence on fixing it in the middle of the line. *sigh*) Once you get inside the building, you're entertained with talking portraits, giant statues (Hotrod asked me if Portugal was the natural habitat of griffins. I swear that man is losing his mind.) and 3-D holographic images of Harry, Hermoine, Ron and Dumbledore that look amazingly real. Also, it snowed on us. In the building. Awesome!

The ride itself, despite an over abundance of large, spitting spiders, was pretty good. I commend Universal for making the ride nice and long. It's a good payoff for the wait, IMO.

After that it was lunch time and we headed to the Three Broomsticks to eat. We had fish and chips (tasty!) and butterbeer. I had a frozen one and Hotrod had the non-frozen. It's completely non-alcoholic in case you're wondering.

Butterbeer, which I believe is only available at Universal, might be Hotrod's new favorite drink. It tastes like rootbeer made from shortbread cookies and butterscotch, minus the root. It was good, but very sweet and not that thirst-quenching on a hot day. And it's definitely better frozen. There was a table of kids next to us who had their picture taken with their butterbeer mustaches, something almost everyone drinking the stuff had because of the thick foamy almost ice cream like head on the stuff. Dessert in a cup, really.

We had a great day. I love Universal. No matter how many times we go - and we go often because we're season passholders - we always find something new to do or see and have a great time.

When's the last time you took a day off in the name of fun?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Holy cats, it's Monday

For some reason, more than ever, this weekend felt really, really short. Like we missed a day somehow.

As a result, I have so much to do today I'm afraid to look at my list. Because I have so much to do, this is short and sweet. Well, maybe not sweet. It's not like you get chocolate for answering.

Here are a few random questions for you...

Why is laundry never done?
Why can't men find the trashcan, dishwasher or hamper, even when it's 3 inches from the item they discarded?
Also, why do men think one sheet of toilet paper on the roll means they don't have to change it?
How do they make gummy cola bottles taste like cola?
Why hasn't someone come up with a healthy brownie that doesn't taste healthy?
Where is my assistant?
When does this ride stop?

Saturday, September 18, 2010


The Claiming of the Ottoman

Friday, September 17, 2010

Like Balls In The Air

That's what writing my Blood Rights series feels like. I'm over at the Fictionistas today talking about it. Stop by and tell me what you're juggling.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


You can now pre-order my steampunk romance, Miss Bramble and the Leviathan! How cool is that? And at $2.80, it might be the bargain of the year. (Unless you count Heart Of Fire, which can currently be had for $2.59.)

Seriously, who wouldn't want a little steampunk romance in their life? Go get it, kittens! And if you don't have a Kindle, try downloading Kindle for PC. It's free!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Why saggy pants could save your life

We've all seen the fools that parade around with their underwear hanging out, but it occurred to me last night that these nutjobs might actually save the rest of us in case of zombie apocalypse.

See, I figure since they can't run more than a few steps without tripping on their pants, they'll provide a great distraction to the approaching zombie hordes, allowing the rest of the population a chance to get away while the zombies nom them like potato chips.

Isn't it natural selection for the weak and slow to get culled anyway? The only downside is that since zombies eat brains, they may not find the slack-witted gray matter of these saggy pants-wearing individuals that satisfying if smarts equals taste. I guess we'll just have to make the most of the distraction they provide.

If you see someone exposing their underwear this way, thank them for being willing to die for you. It's a real sacrifice to live such a short life and look ridiculous.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Caturday - Video Edition

Poor Jack. He just wants a little alone time with the lizard. Is that too much to ask?

Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

We're off to the church picnic today. I hope you all have a great day with family and friends!

Saturday, September 04, 2010


That's it, that's the spot, right there...

Friday, September 03, 2010

Ghosts and giveaways!

I'm talking ghosts and giveaways over at Fictionistas today!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday. If you know my dad, you're a fortunate person. If you don't, well, at least you know me. People who know us both say I'm a lot like him. I take that as a compliment. (Except for the impatience part which admittedly, we both need to work on.)

My dad is the hardest working, most honest, straight-forward guy you'll ever meet. He's a man of few words, but unending support. He's one of those guys who can't go anywhere without running into someone he knows. These places include Times Square on New Year's Eve and a deserted beach in Antigua.

He wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth (if anything it was tin and stolen from the neighbors) but he and my mom made a life for my brother and I that I wouldn't change for all the pasta in Italy.

He is a real life hero. I love you, dad. Happy Birthday!