Thursday, April 27, 2006


Ronda Thompson's Wulf brothers series is some of the best reading I've ever gotten my hands on. If you haven't read it yet, do yourself a favor and read The Dark One, then pick up The Untamed One when it's released on May 1st. Following is a little interview I did with Ronda. Behave yourselves and I'll see ya when I get back from Kauai (with pictures!).

KP: What was your inspiration for writing the Wulf series?

RT: I actually had a dream about Sterling Wulf. He was dressed like he worked in a circus, you know, those tights.:) And no, it wasn't a dirty dream, darnit. I just woke up knowing I had to write a story about him. The story kept building in my head until it spilled out on paper.

KP: Do you have a favorite character from the series? Was any one in particular harder or easier to write and why?

RT: I seriously love all of those Wulf boys. It would be hard to pick a favorite among them. The heroines, I love them all, too, but Amelia was very fun to write. The hardest Wulf to write was Jackson. He had so many complex things going on inside of him, although that was hard to tell from the outside. I had to dig deep for him.

KP: What's your writing preparation for the series been like? Did you outline all the books/novellas first? Did writing one influence how the next would turn out?

RT: I had it all pretty much in my head from the beginning. I sold the series in a three book deal. I had a complete proposal of the first book, and short shynopsis on the other two, plus an overview of the series. Gabriel's book, The Cursed One, ended up throwing me a little. I decided to scrap the first idea I had for his story and go with another. But it all worked out. All of the books are now completed and turned in.
KP: What's your writing day like?

RT: Crazy. At least these days it is. My daughter is getting married in June, so it's do wedding stuff, write, do wedding stuff, write. That's about it. Wedding stuff and write. I'm ready for a vacation this summer.:)

KP: How long does it take you to finish a book?

RT: Depends. I'm not disciplined, so I do a lot of binge writing. I had to actually do a rewrite of the first book. I needed to take in a direction other than I did, so I ended up writing The Dark One in six weeks. Usually, anywhere from two months to six months, depending on what else is going on in my life.

KP: What's in store for the Wulf brothers?

RT: Well, they all live happily ever after of course.:) But they do all have children...we might be seeing them again.

KP: Any hints at what you're planning when this series is done?

RT: Actually, I'm hoping to spin a series off of the last book in the series. I'm waiting on word if that is going to happen, but once everyone reads The Cursed One, out this December, I think they will expect a series based on a couple of new characters introduced in the book. I also am working on something else. A series that is not considered romance. I'll let you know more about that later.


  1. I could use some good reading material.

  2. You will LOVE her Wulf brother series! Ronda Thompson is really a brilliant historical paranormal author and you really are engaged by the story. I read the first book and now I've been searching for her other works! Love her!

  3. Can't wait to get her next book! *g* BTW, great interview!