Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Giving up on Wednesday

I'm thinking about eliminating Wednesdays from my blogging schedule. As my writing schedule increases, something's got to give. Wednesday might be the day to go. What do you think? I'm curious.

If you blog, how many days a week do you post? Would there be a better day to go silent? It's not like I couldn't blog if I really had something to say.

Have a great day. I look forward to your input.


  1. I can understand. I made the decision to cut back to just MWF posts, which has helped my focus a lot.

    I think if you want to cut Wednesday, that's a great option. So many stick to a MWF schedule, that the blog gates get flooded on those days.

    Best to you with your projects!

  2. You know, you work hard and you give a lot of yourself to many of us. I particularly loved your Conflict/Goals/Motivation posts last week. Nothing I hadn't studied, of course, but I loved how you broke it down. You also shed a blinding light on what's wrong with a book I wrote that I can't "get right." I don't think it's a lot to give yourself, to give up Wednesdays. And like you said, it's your blog. You got something to say, say it when you want!

    How often do I blog? Sheesh... don't ask. :)

  3. Do what you want! I've got you locked and loaded in my reader, so I won't miss a thing. *que aerosmith song
    I just love hearing from you.

  4. I'd like to give up Wednesday's entirely to get to Friday quicker. ;)

  5. Wednesdays is good. You pop up in my Reader so I won't miss ya. I notice T/TH are slow reader days.

  6. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I've been impressed that you've kept up the heavy blogging schedule you have as long as you have. I do good to get in a blog a week!

  7. Hey Kristen! I am surprised you're still going strong too! I was feeling like my blog was a lot of upkeep so when I cleaned out my computer and lost my password, I was already frustrated and gave up on it. I'm looking at your archive... 5 years!!

  8. YOU? You are allowed as many days of no blogging as you want. I rarely blog. But you know that.