Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Now hiring

I can't seem to shake this foggy feeling. I just want to nap! Or lay by the pool. Which would lead to napping. Problem is napping accomplishes nothing. And I have tons to do. Such as:

1. Shop for a fountain so the landscaping can be completed.
2. Shop for food so we can continue eating.
3. Write so I can meet my deadlines.
4. Workout so I can keep fitting into my jeans.
5. Do laundry so those jeans are clean.

Anyone want to volunteer to be my assistant? The pay is zero but you get pool privileges.


  1. And the privilege would be??? being your BFF?

    Suggestion...hand shopping list to Hot Rod.

  2. I wish I could but too much to do myself. Sorry.

  3. Hi Kristen!

    Anytime you need help just yell!

  4. I need one of those assistants too!

  5. I'd like an assistant, Please?

  6. Oh, shoot. I need a paying job, but one of these days I'm going to have to drive down the Florida and visit you.