Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Heart Of Fire is now available for the Nook!

Check it out here. And ya know, feel free to snap up a copy or two. *wink wink*

Besides that, let's see what else is new...

I'm under deadline. Nope, not new.

My steampunk romance comes out from Samhain on the 19th. That's kinda new.

What's new with you?


  1. There you are! I figured you must be under a big time deadline.

    I'm on way to Tampa/St Pete to visit Loinfruit. While i'm there I plan to go to Ninc's first day conference on the future of publishing. Hopefully, there *is* a future;)

  2. Great book -- got if for Kindle a week or so ago. I rather enjoyed it!

  3. Such a tasty cover.
    Congrats, so happy for you!
    Not much new here. Same old same old.

  4. Love this title of this post. Nothing new with me though.