Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday Update

Ever have that feeling like you have so much to do you don't know where to start? That's me. So instead of telling you the multitude of things on my To Do list, I'd rather hear what you've been up to. Have a book out? Participating in Nanowrimo (or whatever that's called)? Under deadline? Got an agent? Fill me in on what's happening in your world.


  1. I finaled in the Mollys a few weeks ago.
    I'm entering the GH with one for shizzle, but hopefully two entries. Doing a Fast Draft starting today to power through to the end of this new one.

    And I'm due in Eight weeks. Trying to pack as many Non-diet meals in to the time I have before I meet the little biscuit.
    Then I have to get down to my fighting weight again. I really miss my waistline.

  2. Heh, no Nano, lol. But I am under deadline for the first time. My agent sold my 3 book paranormal trilogy to NAL/Signet so now I'm busy working on the second. :)

  3. I drive my van, back and forth. I guess that's not what you were looking for LOL.

  4. Sorry to see you're so busy. I miss your posts, but maybe busy is a good thing for you. So yay. In my world: I received a request for partial over the weekend. I'm doing Nano, and even though I'm behind, I'm feeling good about the story. =o)

  5. Love that pic. I'm trying to get my Nano on. Good luck with all on your to-do list.