Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Because I Love My Readers

Whenever I get asked why I write, my answer usually boils down to one word - readers. I adore my readers, love interacting with them on my Facebook page, cherish the emails they send me and feel blessed by the support they've given the House of Comarre series. I've even been lucky enough to meet some of them face to face!

And because I have such awesome readers, I've decided to do something a little crazy as my way of saying thanks. For those readers who've posted a reviewed a House of Comarre novel, I want to thank you for your support by sending you a signed copy of Out For Blood, the fourth book in the series that comes out in October.

Send me a link to your review at kristenpainterbooksATyahooDOTcom and I'll get back to you. Supplies are limited, but I'm going to try to get as many books out as I can.

Thanks again and keep reading!


  1. Links sent. The cover is absolutely gorgeous, Kristen! I think it might be my favorite.

  2. That is awesome! Thanks!

  3. Links sent also. Favorite covers for me also. Thanks Kristin, you are the best.

  4. This is why you are an awesome woman, Kristen.
    I have all the books in the House of Commare series so far, but haven't read them yet. I did however have the pleasure of meeting you in New Orleans at AAD. The covers of these books are the most beautiful I've ever seen, and a credit to the writer who inspired them.
    I can't post a review yet, but maybe one day you would consider a virtual signing, so that international readers can get a personlised book!
    Love from Australia, Karen