Sunday, April 10, 2005

I'm heartsick.

Five months of promotion, hard work, blood, sweat and tears just disappeared. The Romance Divas forum has been lost (by our former webhost,, who we are pretty sure deleted it once we told them we would NOT pay the $70 a month they wanted to keep us up and running) and along with it all the posts, all the registered members, all the wonderful topics that made us laugh and sigh and think and learn. It's all gone.

Jax has begun building a new forum from scratch and that's exactly where we will have to start. From scratch. We had approximately 630 members when Canaca decided, without warning, to suspend our site because they couldn't handle the traffic. They even offered to transfer our files for us...but a problem arose and they weren't able to do that, so Jax started the transfer herself, only to find our forum and calendar databases were missing from the FTP site.

And so, we begin again. It was a labor of love the first time and it's still a labor of love, although I feel like I've lost a child...Romance Divas was our baby. Our dream. Our online home where we could laugh and cry and share and learn and make the most wonderful friends with other romance writers just like us. Wonderful women from all over the world who shared our vision and offered their support. Women who donated their hard-earned dollars so we could keep the site going when Canaca shut us down. Women who I am proud to call friends.

Now, I just hope they all find their way back to us as we begin this journey anew.


  1. (((((Kristen and Jax)))) Don't worry, babe. We'll be back. You'll see! And we'll be better than ever. *sniff* Here. Have some chocolate.

  2. That's terrible. So this means I need to re-register, huh?

    O wow, I can't believe they deleted the entire @#$#@$@#$ forum!!!!!!!! Makes me so angry!

  3. Shame about the site, ladies. The next one will be bigger and better!

  4. You might be down, but you're not out.
    I'm sure that all of the members will come back and support you on the new site.

  5. Hugs Kristen (and the Divas). Everyone will be back with a vengeance :)

  6. Thanks, guys. It makes me feel better knowing you're all there and that you're supporting us.

    I'm still shaking my head at everything that's happened.

  7. Kristen, I'm sorry to hear about the troubles with Romance Divas. I only recently heard about the site by reading other blogs, but look forward to seeing it rise anew. Congratulations on your GH final! Good luck in the contest and, even better, here's to you selling the book!

  8. *hugs* Things will be okay, Kristen. We divas are loyal. ;)

  9. Kristen I am soooo sorrrrrrry.

    (((Hugs to you and Jax))).

    I was one of your first signer-uppers becasue I thought it was SUCH a kewl place.

    The new place will be KEWLER! Really. With all that you ladies have learned, it will be rocking and rolling and you will have even MORE hits.

    You will become a DIVA empire.

    It WILL happen.

    You ladies rock the world.


  10. The race is on to be the first Diva's to sign up! I know I plan on being within the first ten! See you all at the starting line!!!

    (((Kristen & Jax)))

    Thee is always something good that comes out of loss, and I have faith that even though this is a setback now-it will be a better site than ever! Hang in there, sometimes the road up gets rocky but the veiw from the top is all the better for it.


  11. Kristen, I created the account again a bout 30 minutes ago, but it still doesn't allow me to log in. I don't know why. HELP!

  12. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Hi Kristen,
    well. LOL..finally found your blog. Looks nice, wish I had found it under different circumstances, but then again we're coming back up and I'm so excited. Besides Charlotte Dillon's forum, you guys are my absolute favorite. I'll be signed up again (whenever I can remember my username and password...comp keeps telling me I don't with a bow in my hair and a shiny simling face. :D

  13. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Oh and by the way I don't have a blogger account but that was Linda's post. :)

  14. {{{KRISTEN}}}

    I know I was confused when I came back from vacation and couldn't log in. I know everything will work out in the end, though. RD is just too awesome for all your divas not to come back. I know I will. :)