Monday, June 27, 2005

The Angst of Being a Teen

When I was a teen (some *cough* years ago) I don't recall being so, well, whiny. Or boy crazy. Or needy. Or self occupied.

But then I was a nerd and books were my best friends so perhaps I am not the best example of what an average '80's teen was like.

The girls I was subjected to at the teen conference were, for the most part, all those things and then some. Fortunately, our room had no opening windows or I would have flung them or myself out of one. I'm genuinely surprised my hair hasn't grayed.

I had to explain why walking the halls of the hotel at 1am in the morning wearing pajamas was not advisable for thirteen-year olds. I had to listen to endless whimpered conversations about boys and what girls they'd talked to and how those girls "needed to get somewhere". I had to explain why leaving wet towels on the bed made for uncomfortable sleeping. Getting them to pick up after themselves is another blog in itself.

Like is, like, every other word. I'm mad serious. Or wicked serious, depending on which teen you might be listening to.

Worst of all, they referred to me as an "adult" numerous times. "You're, like, so easy to talk to, for like, an adult." Cringe. When did I get to be an adult? I don't really feel like one. I feel about 19. A really mature 19 with a much older bank account.

I've eaten enough pizza, hamburgers, sloppy joes and hot dogs to last a lifetime. And as for riding on buses, I'm good there, too.

But I survived. Would I do it again? Probably not. I was born with a limited amount of patience and they used up most of it. I have to save a little for when I get rejections. Like today. Sigh. But I'm an adult, so I'm dealing with it.


  1. Anonymous7:19 PM

    (((((Kristen)))) on the rejection. Oh man...I was the same kind of teen as you. Way to go on getting through the teen conference }:)

  2. Jessie Ferguson8:35 AM

    I SO know what you mean!! I am 37 and still feel 14. As a kid, I used to dream about growing up and becoming a mother... now... thank goodness I am 37, cuz maybe the eggs are on their way to shrivelling up. LOL

    Here's hoping you don't need any patience, because we are assuming that rejections will not be part of your vocabulary. :D

  3. Oh, don't worry Kristen. For teens, anyone over 18 is an adult. *lol* I should know, my goddaughter is 13. All she talks about is boys. Well, I was like that at her age. But I had an edge 'coz I was into punk (The Clash, The Ramones) and heavy metal (Motorhead, Iron Maiden).

    Sorry to hear about the R letter. Perhaps she wasn't the right agent for your material. You'll find someone else who will work with your stuff and be willing to go out there and sell it.

  4. It's intoxicating isn't it! I'm going to teach 7th or that will be my life. Wish me luck...

  5. I am sorry about the rejection. I know how much it hurts. But you pick yourself up and move on. It seems like it is harder when it comes from your dream editor!

  6. Sorry about the R. Sending chocolate, the Ben and Jerry's of your choice and cyber hugs.((hugs))

    You are mad right about those teens. I work hard to make my daughter think enough of herself to not be like that. I know a few girls who aren't, but they are the minority.

    I think of myself as feeling 19 too:) A better, wiser, smarter 19. I feel twice as sexy to boot. Cause now I know what I have and how to use it.

  7. When we were at SPI, there were 4 bus loads of kids on some kind of church retreat, so when I saw you were going I knew what you'd be in for! (sorry!) Man, it was noisy late at night... is it not the *strangest* feeling to be the adult? I look at some people (like at the dentist or doctor's office) and cannot believe these people are younger than I am.

    Don't sweat the R - something better is waiting for you out there! When the time is right, you'll strike gold.

  8. Kristen, I hear you on all counts when it comes to teens - as a teacher of high school, and one who regularly volunteers for camp, I get to see all sides of that wacky age. I don't remember ever so being angsty, but then like you, I was a book worm...though, I was going places!

    Good luck Humor Girl, the only thing I'll say about teaching is that it's as rewarding as it is frustrating!

  9. Oh, man. I'm sorry about the pass. You are so going to get there, though, I *know* it! You are, like, totally tubular. Wait, too dated? Wicked tubular?