Monday, June 06, 2005

Road Trip! (by plane)

DH and I are off on a house hunting trip to sunny FL. Woohoo! I will finally get my house with a pool. I've always had this dream of getting up, putting on my bikini and heading out to write by the pool. Doesn't that sound grand? It does to me. Warm breezes, sunny skies and sparkling blue water -- what's not to love?

Added to my TBR pile today: A Conneticut Fashionista In King Arthur's Court and Beach Blanket Bad Boys (my friend Morgan Leigh has a novella in that anthology). I would have bought Enchanted, Inc. but Barnes & Nobles didn't have it in stock. I'll go to Amazon for that one. I also bought the newest Kelly Clarkson CD and it's awesome! I'll be listening to that on the flight down.

Since I won't get a chance to blog from FL (at least I can't imagine I will), let me leave you with some homework.

Homework: Where's your dream spot to write? Describe it so I can smell it, taste it, hear it and feel it.


  1. Cool design, Kristen! Good luck with the house hunting.

    My favorite writing spot would be on top of Mel Gibson's lap. :0

  2. Anonymous7:23 AM

    LOL Michelle }:)

    Happy house hunting, Kristen!

    Let's see...a house on the lake, a large veranda, sitting in a oversized chair while the sound of the waves echoes in my ears as they wash up on the shore. There's a slight crispness in the air, it feels like it's going to rain soon and the wind leads the trees in a swaying dance. A cool glass of lemonade (or hot chocolate if it's fall instead of spring/summer) rests on the railing closest to me as the birds chirp their salute to the morning. My ideal place to write would be that dream cottage. :)

  3. Kristen,

    >>>Homework: Where's your dream spot to write?<<<

    Believe it or not, in my bathtub.

    >>>Describe it so I can smell it, taste it, hear it and feel it.<<<

    A warm bath with lots of lavender-scented bubbles. Candlelight flickers around me, while Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini" whispers in the background.

    My muse loves this.

    Good luck on the house hunting.

  4. Make sure the house can withstand those hurricanes. Yikes! Happy house hunting! *g*

    My favorite dream spot to write: The veranda of a house on the open country, surrounded by trees, while a light rain serenades me, bringing me the smell of wet grass.

  5. My favorite spot to write would be on one of the beaches of Aruba. sitting in a beach chair, drink on table and a pen in my hand. That would work for me.

    Good Luck with your house hunting.

  6. Love the look of your blog! Hope the house hunting is going okay :)

  7. WOO HOO on the house hunting. Good luck with that!

    Since Michelle already took the hottie's lap answer, I'd have to say my dream spot would be a cabin in the mountains. One with a huge porch and comfortable chairs for me to plop my butt into while holding Rocky (my laptop). It would be in the middle of the woods so I could see amazing wildlife sneaking by, hear the wind rustling through the trees, smell the wildflowers. And a gorgeous view of majestic snow-capped mountains is a must.

    BTW--I know you're gone, but when you get back, consider yourself tagged. Check my blog for the meme.

  8. We're playing "blog tag" again, and I've tagged you.

  9. Michelle,
    ha! That cracked me up. If you replace the name "Mel Gibson" with "Brad Pitt" I'd totally agree!

  10. Hmmmmmmmmm...anywhere where words get on the page! I've written at the park, the McDonald's playland, in the car, at Sonic waiting for a drink.

    Maybe a log cabin, deep in the woods (although no bugs) with a hot tub.