Thursday, November 03, 2005

Gone for a bit

Howdy, blog friends!

I'm off to Virginia to the Chesapeake Romance Writer's annual Fantasies By The Sea Conference. I'll be back on Monday (and yes, there will be a Goofy Cat Monday). I'll be sure to bring presents for everyone!

While I'm gone, here's something for you to discuss:

How do you name your characters? How do you name your villians? Are there underlying meanings to the names you give them? Spill it!


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Sometimes I brainstorm, sometimes I draw from a list, and sometimes there are underlying meanings to the names.

    Have fun :)

  2. I use the Baby Name Book and whatever sounds right, I go with it.


  3. Good question. The names just come to me really. I know my characters and they just tell me their names.

    Have fun at the convention.

  4. Me? I host a brainstorming chat over at Romance Divas, invite every writer I know, and then let Kristen, Sela and all the Divas name my characters for me! :-D

  5. I brainstorm a list of characterists for my people, then I go to various baby name websites, such as and look up names that mean what's on my characteristic list.

    And sometimes they just come to me. Go figure.

  6. Wish I could go to it! I hope you have fun.

    BTW I just tagged you. It's the threesome quiz. Look at my Oct. 27th blog entry for the questions :)

  7. Oooh, good question K. Lately, I've been giving my heroines names with double letters and a softer sound at the end, Ellie, Emma, Molly. I like to try something different for my heroes: Kit, Rocket, Nik St. Eve. My two faves are heroines:

    Catherine "Charlie" Brown - she goes by Charlie, putting herself out there as a tough kinda gal so no one will take advantage.

    Robyn Banks - a pilot whose call sign is Thief. Of course she steals the hero's heart!

  8. At least half the time, they show up with their names ready to go. Sometimes they give me a clue -- I'm Russian, I'm French, this is a name I made up to leave my old life behind. Sometimes all I know is a characteristic -- I'm quite ordinary, I'm very sexy, Me Man - Find Woman.

    I've got a couple of sites I go to, but I use them mostly for procrastinating. ;-)

    And Barb? Anytime!

  9. I use my favorite names for the hero/heroine and for the villian I use a name that I like (because I have to use it over and over again) but that seems a little . . . dirty, maybe.

    For last names I check out family name websites if I can't think of anything else.