Monday, January 02, 2006

What to write, what to write?

Been thinking about my next book. Should be starting it in the next few weeks. But what is it going to be about? I have some ideas - about two pages worth - but I'm not sure my heart is in any of those at the moment. I've been toying with the idea of writing something aimed at category. Seems a good way to get one's foot in the proverbial door, but alas...I am just not sure.

So. Tell me what sounds the most interesting:
A. An "Indiana Jane" heroine out to discover the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle. (Contemporary Paranormal)
B. A warrrior queen discovers her bond-husband is actually the heir to the Lycian (werewolf) throne long thought dead. (Fantasy Romance)
C. A goldsmith heroine finds a ring that gives her some interesting powers, including summoning its rightful - and frightening - owner. (Contemporary Paranormal)

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Let's here 'em!


  1. Ohh they all sound great! But I really like C. I love stories about getting "supernatural" powers.

  2. The third one is da bomb! Go for it, Kristen. I'd devour one.


  3. How about A mixed with C ???
    I know, I have to be contrary, sorry.

    All 3 sound intriguing.
    If I have to go by the rules, I'll agree with C.

    Sounds like you are back from the holiday frenetics and rarin' to go.

  4. I am thinking C.

    Besides, I would like to read that one:)

  5. Anonymous10:35 AM

    I vote for A or B :) All the ideas sound great though.

  6. They all sound great - paranormals are so much fun to read! I vote for B.

  7. C. Definitely C!

    But I'd love to read any of them

  8. The first and last idea I loooove. Can't wait to read them.

  9. I'm C all the way, baby! They sound great.

  10. They all sounds interesting. The one with Bermuda Triangle.

  11. OOOH...I like the female Indiana Jones discovering the secrets of the Bermuda triangle. That's always intriqued me!

  12. C, C, and C. I want to read C. I want to read C right now! C, C, C.
    Sounds delicious! I LOVE a dark hero!

  13. I like A & C and B (in that order) although I would like to see A and C mixed together.