Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas Contest

C.L. Wilson is having a big contest over on her blog. Go check it out!

This is a light post, but with Christmas only a few days away, you have better things to be doing than hanging out here. Shopping done? Cookies baked? Christmas dinner completely planned and purchased? No? Get going!

As for me, I'm reading like a mad woman, trying to finish the last 3 books of the 50 I planned on reading this year. Will I make I? I'm certainly going to try.


  1. Good luck with your reading. Off to shop.

  2. Baking. And soap making. And then baking some more. Funny-I just weighted myself the other day and was pleased at the drop (without my trying) Apparently that will be over by the end of the week.

    Good luck with the 50! I don't think I made it this year, I'll have to tally.

  3. Ooh, what books are you reading? Good luck. As for baking, my mom is doing it all. Heheee

  4. I'm wrapping up the baking this afternoon - frosted sugar cookies your favorite! Too bad you can't come over and have a few. ;)

    Oh and I'm wrapping up the wrapping. After that, I'm done. Bring on Christmas!

  5. Have fun reading.

    Have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year!