Monday, December 29, 2008

Can I get a woohoo?

I did it! I read 50 books in a year and have actually started on book #1 for 2009 because I plan to do it again. It's pretty awesome to accomplish a goal like that. Too bad it wasn't lose 50 pounds in a year. *sigh* But I digress.

Other than a run to the post office and Lowe's, today begins my new writing regime. I'm going to try to write for 3 uninterrupted hours. That means no email, no checking blogs, no games, etc. If I start to twitch I intend to seek medical help. But seriously, I need to get more disciplined and this seems to be a good way to move toward that goal. How do you police your writing time? What time of day do you write best? I haven't totally figured that out yet.

I also started the Master Cleanse today. I did this last year and lost 17 pounds in 10 days. Granted, that's mostly water weight (okay, and poo), but it's a great way to kick start a diet. And I'm hoping to lose about 10 in 7 days this time to really get me pumped up to get back to working out and eating right.

What's your Monday look like?


  1. Woo Hoo!! Congrats on 50 books that is HUGE.
    I have not got my writing routine down yet so let me know how it goes for you. Best of luck on your cleanse.
    My Monday is running around with my daughter today. Lots to do for the "va-ca" week. Not really a "va-ca" at all. But I'm going to the gym for a bit for me.

  2. Woo-hoo! 50 books in a year is awesome! Congrats!

    What is this Master Cleanse? I'm intrigued and wouldn't mind doing that myself.

    I'm heading to the mall now to use a gift certificate and try to get in on all those sales going on now.

  3. Good for you - you read 50 books! I know you've been giving yourself the big push here so yay! You did it!

    Hmm, I write best in the morning when the kids are at school (and right now they're not, boo) and in the evening after they're in bed. Though if I'm on a major roll, I can write in the afternoon amongst the chaos. LOL

  4. Yikes! A master cleanse? Sounds interesting. :-) Good luck with it.
    I don't know when I write best either. I have to have energy, but sometimes if I force myself to open the laptop I'll get absorbed in the story and will be able to pound out some wordage. Good luck to you on the three hours! That would fry my brain, I think. Let us know how you do!

  5. Laundry. Sad isn't it?

  6. way to go K!!!

    I am familiar with the master cleanse, and may I just say, you're nutters. (but in a good way.)

    Good luck, mucho willpower to you!

  7. Congrats on the reading! And good luck on the writing and Master Cleanse.

  8. Anonymous7:07 PM

    congrats on the 50 books. I never thought about keeping track. Do audiobooks count?

  9. WOW! 50 books! Congrats! Today I am working on an art journal I just started for myself, and I am planning a face lift for my store.
    Let me just say you are brave to do the master cleanse. I was having problems with food allergies and nearly died 6 years ago, and I found out about the cleanse. I did the mild phase and I have to say it was the absolute best I've ever felt in my life. I have been wanting to do it again but haven't had the will power. Maybe with the new year coming??

  10. Woo Hoo Kristen!!

    I plan on doing this in 2009...I meant to keep in 2008, but just never got around to it. I am going to do it in 2009...I just have to decided what I want my reading goal to be.

    Woo Hoo Again Kristen.

  11. I think I ate 50 Blizzards from Dairy Queen this year.

  12. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Wow! 50 books. I don't know how many I've read this year. I know it is a whole lot. I average one a week, but more when I travel because of plane rides. Then I usually get in three or four that week.

    In terms of the master cleanser, it sounds like some new toilet bowl cleaner. Uh uh, not for me. Though I do have the eat less, exercise more goal for 2009 going..again. Let's hope I can get focused on it this time. :)