Thursday, April 02, 2009

Word Of The Day

Today's word of the day is RAPSCALLION. I love this word! Go ahead, say it, you know you want to. There! Don't you feel better? I often tell my naughty cats what rapscallions they are.


a rascal; rogue; scamp.

1690–1700; earlier rascallion, based on rascal

Please use today's word of the day in a sentence and I will send you a cyber cookie!


  1. My children, my cats, my dog, they are all a bunch of rapscallions.


  2. That is a good word. I'm trying to remember where I've read it or heard it. Seems like it jumps out at me for some reason.

  3. How about this sentence...?

    "I like saying rapscallion too." :)

  4. For some reason it reminds me of the villian in some Disney movie... LOL!

  5. My son is being a rapscallion this whole week trying to con me into letting him stay home for a BMX tournement tomorrow.

  6. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Kristen is a rapscallion for making us do this exercise.


  7. Oh, baby, you're going all raspcallion on me...and I like it.

    Good cookies.

  8. And since I'm here and the cookies are so good, I'll take one to go.

    Quite the raspcallion, aren't I?

    Live and let live, I always say. Unless we're talking our family cat...

  9. What a RAPSCALLION my dog Jack is.

  10. That rapscallion in my yard is trying to dig to china. (almost there too)

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  12. When I want to feel better I say,"Chiffarobe". I don't know why but, it works.