Friday, July 02, 2010

Wow. It's Friday.

I thought all day yesterday it was Wednesday. I knew it was July 1st, but it still didn't register. I feel so out of touch.

What have I missed? What news do you have to share? What are you doing for the July 4th weekend? We're having a little cookout, then watching the neighbors set off fireworks way too big for non-commercial consumption. FUN!

Have a safe and happy weekend, whatever you do.


  1. July has really creeped up on me too! Have fun at your cookout. I think we'll be doing something similar :)

  2. I'll be on the side porch hanging close to the Grillmaster. Friday sure came quick.

  3. I always get the reverse... its tues, and I feel like its thrus. That sucksazz.

    Now that my writing Mojo is back, I hope I can carve out some time to write write write write!
    Plus we have our city heritage days (french cajun and bluegrass.) so I'll catch some live music.

  4. Yeah June flew by...

    We'll be hanging at home by the pool for the day and then we'll go check out a fireworks show. Have fun!