Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stuff I Learned at RWA Nationals - Part 2

Just some random observations about this year's RWA Nationals Conference:

* Pubbed authors want to learn as much as unpubbed authors
* The more published you get, the more your priorities change
* There's no way you'll get to see everyone you want to see or do everything you want to do. The sooner you figure that out and become okay with it, the faster you'll settle into the rhythm of the conference
* Don't be nervous about approaching a RITA winner on Saturday night and congratulating them. They always have time for that!
* There's a fine balance between dressing for a long day and looking like you don't care.
* Conference is not the place to test your alcohol tolerance. Do something stupid and people will talk.
* Some people really do have to work/write/edit while at conference. Let them.

Feel free to add your own observations in the comments!


  1. Great advice, Kristen! I didn't even attend the conference and I've already heard about people who drank, uh, inappropriately, lol.

  2. This is about my drunken karaoke, isn't it? I was told that video was destroyed...

  3. Cool. Love hearing your thoughts on the conference.

  4. Whew. So glad I didn't drink at that conference.

  5. I learned my drinking lesson at my first local conference.
    However, I do enjoy sneaking off with a few friends to cut loose.

  6. Great observations. I'll also add two:

    Wear comfy shoes. Even if you aren't hitting the town to do the tourist thing, comfortable (not casual) shoes go a long way in helping you hustle between workshops, to and from book signings and networking events, and to meals.

    Be considerate and gracious. I'm a born Southern girl so I've always believed that I should treat everyone - from mailman to conference speaker to random stranger with dignity and courtesy. It comes back tenfold. Sad to say, I witnessed a few people displaying not-so-nice traits while at conference.

    I kept the above rules in mind, it led to meeting a lot of friendly, interesting people that I'll remember for awhile. I'm already excited for next conference.

  7. I am so glad Roxanne didn't drink at the conference, too.

    All I know is I got some writing done at the conference.

  8. What? Writers drinking too much at conference? I'm shocked, deeply shocked. And I'm very certain that a zooberry is 100% Koolaid.