Monday, September 20, 2010

Holy cats, it's Monday

For some reason, more than ever, this weekend felt really, really short. Like we missed a day somehow.

As a result, I have so much to do today I'm afraid to look at my list. Because I have so much to do, this is short and sweet. Well, maybe not sweet. It's not like you get chocolate for answering.

Here are a few random questions for you...

Why is laundry never done?
Why can't men find the trashcan, dishwasher or hamper, even when it's 3 inches from the item they discarded?
Also, why do men think one sheet of toilet paper on the roll means they don't have to change it?
How do they make gummy cola bottles taste like cola?
Why hasn't someone come up with a healthy brownie that doesn't taste healthy?
Where is my assistant?
When does this ride stop?


  1. Yeah, and why doesn't exercising get easier the more you do it? :)

  2. I'm rather proud of my progress this weekend! I was so prodcutive. (pats self on back smugly.)

    On the other hand, I ate like absolute crap.
    That wasn't smart.

  3. Yes. Let's blame everything on men. Damn us and our infernal man-isms.

  4. I can't answer any of that, but I'd like to know where my assistant is too. Maybe they've run off together.

  5. Why is it Penzoil can do an oil change in like 15 minutes, but my dealer takes an hour and a half? I wonder about these things.