Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's been a year since I blogged

Not counting Caturday, of course. Mostly it's been because I've been working, but there have been a host of other things going on in my life these past few months. Stuff that has made my time precious.

Now that we've begun a new year and life has calmed somewhat, I really want to get back to blogging. I enjoy it. I really do. So, this is a start of sorts.

What's new with me? I got a bike for Christmas. No, I'm not 12, but I didn't have one and now I do. Hotrod got one too, so now we go out for rides together. Of course his bike is black and yellow and looks like a transformer. Mine is purple and has a basket large enough to hold several kittens. Not that I've put kittens in there. (Thinking about something and doing it are two very different things.)

In other book-related news, I should have covers for my Orbit books to share soon. I hope. I want to see them desperately.

My plate is still full writing-wise. There is always something to work on, isn't there? Anyway, what's new with you? Fill me in on all I've missed.


  1. I'm hoping to get back into writing soon. I have a piece I need to dig into and edit the pants off. And 6-8 more weeks of maternity leave. On the hunt for a few new CP's to swap chapts with. Ill have to post on divas about that. Then of course, a new story just starting to tickle the back of my brain.

  2. Don't faint... Researching epublishers to find the right one to submit to, deciding which book will be the first into the e, and as soon as I finish this WIP that's driving me nuts, I'll be looking above-mentioned book over for a final polish.

  3. Today, I finished the final, final, final edits of a book that comes out in June. Hooray! And I'm waiting for feedback on two new proposals. That means it's time to clean the office--top to bottom--so I can start fresh on a new project.

  4. Oh good! I enjoy your blog posts and can't wait to see your covers!
    I have a bike but need a new one. No, WANT a new one--a boardwalk bike with big old tires and big old soft seat. Banana yellow. And I'd like a basket too.
    It's so sweet you and Hotrod go out riding together.