Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday To Do's

I have a lot to do this week, so this week isn't that much different than any other week, but it feels more oppressive.

Some of my To Do's include:

1. Laundry (this is a permanent fixture on my to do list.)
2. Getting my hair done (if roots were a crime, I'd be calling you for bail.)
3. Copy edits
4. Putting the final touches on my Worldbuilding Workshop (I'll be giving this twice in the next two weeks, so it better be good. I hope.)
5. Getting my Etsy jewelry shop stocked and reopened for business. (My itch to make jewelry is strong and I have some FABULOUS raw materials to work with, so this is more like a reward than a to do.)

What's on your list this week?


  1. I want to finish 12K of my newly started WIP and right now I've got two loads of laundry waiting to be put up. And I must clean! My mom gets here this weekend so it's sort of a must :)

  2. I need to get editing on my WIP. And apparently this baby needs to be fed more then 2x a day.
    Dog's are way easier!

  3. I just finished my 7th chapter in my WIP, I'm working on laundry...begrudgingly, and at some point I will iron my uniform for tomorrow. It's too gloomy outside to do anything sporty so I will disregard the need to run today :)

  4. Laundry. Laundry. More Laundry. Edits on three novels [for other people], copy-editing a re-release [for me] promoing two new releases [for me], blogging [at two blogs], writing [new novella], and then some more Laundry. AAAGH! {And after seeing your previous post, I should add cleaning my oven to the list too.] Thanks. ;)

  5. Housework is always on my list...adn usually at the bottom. One of my must-dos for 2011 is to bump up my networking and internet stuff. Only problem is that it takes up so much time!! I also have copy edits for one already contracted book and self-edits on one I'm trying to get ready to submit to my editor. It never ends, not that I want it to, I just wish I had more time!!

  6. If I put my head down, I can finish this WIP this week. On the homefront, I need to finish this blanket I've been working on, and start another. I can't wait to see your new jewelry. =o)

  7. I need to write (and finish a novella if I'm really really lucky). I have a hair appointment tomorrow and need to take the kids to the dentist (fun!). I only scratched the surface - my list is endless. It kind of freaks me out...LOL.