Monday, March 14, 2011

You better THINK!

Too many people believe that the internet is a place where you can say whatever you want, regardless of how cruel or untrue it might be. Flame wars break out on a daily basis. Rumors get scooped up and spread like gospel. Individuals are vilified before facts are verified. As an author, we're public figures. Sure, not to the extent of actors or politicians maybe, but we're still out there.

The next time I start to post something that's more than just a daily observation on life or an update on the mad behaviors of my feline staff, I'm going to run the content through this checklist:

T - Truthful
H - Helpful
I - Inspiring
N - Necessary
K - Kind

Can you imagine how much nicer the world in general would be if everyone decided to THINK before they spoke?


  1. It would be very quiet. Well, I would be very quiet. I have trouble with the Helpful. And Truthful. What really is Necessary? Those boots?

  2. I think that people should use the THINK thing before they say anything on any news network anywhere. (And a few classes in public speaking, but that's beside the point.)

  3. Oh dear. I hope no one was unkind to you.
    That's the problem with people in general and not just on the Internet. They don't think.

  4. its way more fun when people stick their foot in it!

  5. Well, we know who the troublemaker is now, don't we, December? lol

    And Jennifer, no one was unkind to me. It just seemed like it needed to be said.

  6. I agree. People like to hide behind their computer screens and say whatever they feel like saying because there is no repercussion.

  7. Great post! I hope people will read it and really 'THINK' about what their online presence and what says about them :)