Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It's Tough Eating Ice Cream With A Plastic Spoon

In case you didn't know, since my last post, hubby and I have moved to Florida. The house is great and when I uncover the cable that connects my camera to my pc, I'll get some pics up and show you. The view from the lanai overlooking the lake is really relaxing.

Another truckload of, I mean household goods...arrives tomorrow. This is actually a good thing because this truck has the guestroom furniture on it and we already have several folks planning visits. Also, my treadmill will be arriving. Not that I have any energy left after unpacking boxes and finding homes for stuff all day. Man, moving sucks the life out of you! But someday, I'll want to work out again. I'm sure of it.

Meanwhile, the unpacking continues and I still haven't found our silverware. My kingdom for a sturdy spoon!


  1. I don't envy the unpacking, but I WANT A NEW HOUSE!

    Good luck finding that spoon.

  2. SSSHHHH!!! Don't talk about it. I've not begun to pack my things to move to the new house I bought a month ago. Sure I've moved some of my books, which are lying on the floor of the soon-to-be library. I won't be moving in until the new kitchen cabinet and living room windows are installed. Then I'll have to paint the house inside and out, plus the doors. I guess I fear the huge cleaning than moving. *lol*

  3. Glad to hear the move went well, sorry about the spoons...I have a pile of $1 store spoons (just as bad as plastic) I use them in sculptures! Do you want me to send you some! hehe
    Enjoy your new digs...keep in touch!

  4. good luck getting everything unpacked. I'm not sure what's worse. Packing everything up, or unpacking. :S

  5. Sherice11:24 PM

    I'm glad things are settling in for you. Maybe I'll take a trip to Florida.