Monday, August 22, 2005

Swimming Against The Tide

I know that romantica/erotic romance is the "hot" thing right now, no pun intended, but I can't get into it. I don't want explicit sex in the books I read...for me, that's a turn off. It's just too much infomation. I have a pretty vivid imagination and I prefer to use it instead of having every sweaty detail described to me.

Also, one wrong word and I get pulled out of the scene. I immediately go through this whole thought process of why did the author call it that or why would she say X instead of Y? I find it nearly impossible to get back into the scene when that happens.

So, is it just me? Or am I all alone? I realize the numbers for this genre indicate I'm in the minority but I'm just curious if anyone else feels this way.

Just wanted to add...I have many friends who write romantica - just because this genre isn't my cup of tea doesn't mean I won't continue to buy their books to support them as writers. A sale is a sale is a sale...even if the buyer doesn't read the book!


  1. Is it easier to get back into a non-explicit love scene after a wrong word choice?

  2. Believe it or not, even though that is my first pub, I don't read much of it. First and foremost I want a good book. My Fave-of-All Time-Ever-Must-Read-Once-a-Year has no sex in it at all. I also don't read any e-books because I love paper. It has that cozy feel, and I can't cozy up to a palm pilot or my PC. That leaves few pulishers of romantica. One of which I basically dumped because the writing was horrid. Another reason I don't read alot is because I don't want to read hard core porn. And there is alot of that whafting through the genre. I am responsible for what I write though, not the genre. So by the time I actualy find the few that I may like it's about once a year. Could I live without it? Sure. Do I support it? Yes, not just because it's my first sale, but because I see a need for it. To describe that need would be a whole 'nuther discusson.

    Kisses! Missed you while you were moving.

  3. Mapletree7 - I find it's the more graphic descriptors that are, for me, the "wrong word choices". Softer, less descriptive love scenes don't seem to suffer from that as often.

    Briana - I missed you too! I missed all y'all. :o)

  4. nope... there are very few sex scenes written that actually pull me in enough to read every word of them. I often skim. Jennifer Cruise is one that sucks me in. No pun intended:)Other than that I want it pretty generic.

  5. Looks like I'm in the minority so far. I enjoy reading some erotic romance/romantica, but it has to be well written. One of my CPs writes for EC, and I love her stuff.

    I will admit that some words do tend to make me cringe, though. But I don't find that happening just in erotic romance/romantica, nor does it just happen in love/sex scenes.

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  7. Sometimes, less is so much more! Like Briana, I don't want hard core porn, and I'm a little old fashioned in that I want one man, one woman. I like romantica, provided it's well written, and really, the level of the explicit-ness must fit with the story - not just because it's the "in" thing right now.