Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Caption Contest

I've decided to run a little contest to test your creative juices. The best caption for the picture below will win a copy of Cheyenne McCray's Forbidden Magic. Sound good? Just leave your caption in the comments section. Enter as many times as you like and tell your friends!

Caption this pic...

To win this book!

(Winner will be announced Friday)


  1. Caption:

    Hey Kristen
    I'm the Diva in this house.

  2. Okay, I've got a few.

    "I don't do mornings."
    "Go ahead, punk. Make my day."
    "What do you mean, Morning Breath?"
    "I'm laughing on the inside."

  3. How about.

    "Oh mowwwwwseeee, I've got some cheeeese for you!"

  4. I don't see the picture....only the book cover. Is that the one we're supposed to caption?

  5. Angelle, refresh. You should see a picture of a brown tiger striped cat.

    Some of these captions made me laugh out loud but I'm not saying which ones! Not until Friday!

  6. Okay, here are my ideas:

    "Gimme some tuna and get outta my way."

    "Mondays suck."

    "As a matter of fact, I AM better than you."

    LOL - this picture is hilarious.

  7. "You want me to do WHAT?"

    "I'm sorry, you've obviously confused me with someone who cares"

    "I'm a cat. For kisses, you'll need to see the dog."

    Toni Sue

  8. Okay, who took the catnip?

    How 'bout I pull on your tail, punk?

    I may look like a pussy, but inside I'm all tiger.

  9. "That tuna? I told you I prefer it at 60 degrees."

  10. That was fun, do you have anymore?

  11. "You gotta ask yourself, do I feel lucky? you...punk?"

  12. Anonymous1:50 PM

    "I don't have an attitude I was born this way."

    "Got Milk?"

    "Yeah right, you're the boss."

    "Crap Happens."

    "If I wanted any crap out of you I'd pull your chain."


    "Hey that's my crown."

    "Jax, Kristen, and Lisa move over the new Queen Diva is in town."

    "Get Real."

    "Yes my writing is puuuurfect."

    "And I care why?"

    "Did I studder?"

    "Get a Life."

    "Yes I know I'm Divalicious."

    "I'm too Sexy for the Divas."

    "Bite Me."

    "Did I ask you?"

    "My opionion is the only one that matters around here."

  13. Anonymous1:57 PM

    ooops forgot one:

    "It's my way or the Highway."

  14. "You will not pass until you say the magic word, and good luck figuring it out, and no, it is not 'please.'"

  15. sorry K I'm the anonymous dummy. Duh forgot to sign in. LOL.

    "I don't think so."

  16. "That short little man you sleep with? He's got to go. He burps and farts and takes my spot on the bed. You've got until Tuesday."

  17. "Have you had your Whiskers today?"
    "I'm the cat's meow"
    "This IS my happy face"
    "Yeah, yeah kitty litter, cat scratching post, why do you think I have furniture in the house?"
    "You wanna take it outside, Buster?"

  18. "Forgeddabouit"
    "You say "bitch" like it's a bad thing."
    "So you gotta ask yourself, Punk, do you feel lucky?"
    "Who's in charge?"

  19. Okay, I already have a copy of the book, and all I can say is it's awesome!

    But I can see the caption now:

    "I'm your master. Go, fetch me some milk."

  20. "I have a better idea--YOU go get fixed."

  21. "When you said I was getting fixed up I thought you'd found me a lady friend"
    "Garfield was a pussy!"
    "Scratch that!"
    "My coat of many colours that my mother gave to me...."
    "Sure I can bowl a maiden over. Get out of the way or you'll find out."

  22. "Ring around my rosie and I'll leave you more than a posie, pal!"

    "You expect me to eat mice? You're going to bake them in a catnip sauce first, right?"

    "Uh-huh. If you really WERE that good you'd be a cat."

    hey this is fun- and addictive.

  23. Stop! Or my mom will shoot!

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. No! You can NOT smell my cat breath!

  26. OMG some of these are so funny!

    "I will not dignify that with an answer."

    "And I'm supposed to care because...?"

    "I'm staying here until you agree to the following items:
    1. A gold and diamond studded collar
    2. I get to like the bowls
    3. Nothing but full cream milk
    4. ..."

    "This face usually works on mice and dogs. Reow."

    "I can stare you down all day, girl so don't try."

    "If you don't behave..."

  27. "Whatever you find under the bed, it wasn't me."

  28. Caption:

    Yeah, I'm an obedient cat. I'm going to do everything she tells me to do. NOT!!!

  29. "Some of us were born for fur coats, some of us fake it."
    "WHen they said press pause, that's not what they meant!"

  30. Morag McKendrick Pippin9:30 AM

    I'm giving the orders today, so when I say 'jump,' you say How High Mistress?'
    Next I want a sleeping mattress stuffed with catnip, an attackt stocked with mice, a fish tank loaded with fish - and only half filled with water.
    Speaking of water, I want a new bowl. 24Karat will do nicely with matching plate. Then get your ass off to the store to purchase sardines, anchovies, tuna, cuttlefish, fresh roasted chicken and beefy ribbs. Rare will do.
    Then brush me. I will then bask in a sun beam or do whatever the hell else I feel like doing today. By the way - my litter stinks. I shall use those nice soft embroidered decorator pillows for my potty. You replace them as needed.
    Now be off with you. It's time for my morning constitutional. Hmm, it requires a very special place to commemorate my first day as Queen. Perhaps an office chair or a high heeled shoe . . .

  31. Kristen, I'm goofing around, searching for reviews of Forbidden Magic on the net (rather than doing things I should be doing), and I came across your blog. First, thank you for using Forbidden Magic in a contest! (I hope that was a good thing.) Second, this was a hilarious contest. I loved the responses. Third, thanks to Silma! Glad you liked the book!