Friday, June 23, 2006

Death by Coffee

I almost died yesterday. Or at least, I survived an unintentional poisoning. Via coffee. It's true! I met up with some chaptermates at the local Books A Million as we often do on Thursdays, and as we often do, we sat in the cafe and ordered beverages. I ordered a sugar-free raspberry mocha and so did one of the other ladies. We got our drinks, sat down and proceeded to discuss our writing.

I had a very hard time liking my coffee (even though one of our group had ordered it the last time and loved it). I mentioned that it tasted "icky" and the other lady who ordered the same thing said hers tasted weird too. Almost like the milk was bad, except she'd gotten skim and I had half-n-half. That left the sugar-free raspberry syrup.

We took them back up to the counter where the counter person did a sniff test. What you can tell from that, I have no idea. I watched as she poured a bit of mine out into the sink. It was lumpy. LUMPY. Not a word I want associated with my coffee, capisce?

I immediately felt ill. She made us new, different, non sugar-free raspberry coffees. (Straight mocha - big YUM!) Still, just thinking about that makes me queasy.

If I die soon, you'll know why.


  1. My husband and I attended a wedding and both came down with a horrible stomach bug ... only to find out that several (many) people that had attended the wedding reception also came down with the same systems.

    I may never eat another meatball.

  2. Oh Blech.

    No liquid should be lumpy.

  3. Yikes! Sorry to hear about that! But you know, it sounds like a good premise for a story. And the title is catchy, Death by Coffee. ;)

  4. If you had drank the whole thing you would have gotten free coffee for a year.. LOL

    Glad you survived!

  5. See I always knew coffee was evil! That's why I stick with smooth and never lumpy Diet Coke! hehehe

    Hey congrats on the agent!
    Good for you I can't wait to buy one of your books! (and I hope it's autographed)

  6. My stomach started hurting just reading that.

  7. Okay that's freaking nasty. I would have demanded my money back and a new one.

  8. I'm with the others. Eek!

  9. Feeling ick is okay but no dying allowed! Lumpy! (shudders!) Blech!