Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tonight's Dinner

Just to keep you in the loop, tonight's dinner is Thai. We're making red curry shrimp with coconut ginger rice and a lovely assortment of stir-fried veggies (baby corn, snow peas and carrots).

For dessert, blue Jello. That's what happens when you let a three-year-old help with the menu.

And surprise of all surprises, I've actually managed to get some writing done today! Naps are a wonderful thing for children, don't you think?


  1. I am so glad that you got some writing done. Naps can be a wonderful thing.

  2. Naps are THE ONLY reason I'm sane. And the wine that keeps disappearing...

  3. What's wrong with blue jello? Do you hide treasures in your jello? chocolates work best as jubes go schmushy. A sailing boat and some of those little cocktail umbrellas stuck into the top of the jello for a tropical feel always go well too (hint: you can make boat with oars from a wedge of rockmelon/cantaloupe. If you want you can even use a birthday candle rudder to light your way). Word of warning- use plastic tablecloth. If I need to explain why you really need more time with your niece. :-)