Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Have OBS

Yes, that's right. I suffer from OBS. Overactive Brain Syndrome. This ailment is common in many writers.

Symptoms include the inability to sleep due to random story ideas, character interactions, and the sudden onset of lines that need to be written/revised/deleted. Loss of social skills may develop as the brain focuses on the story at hand and ignores conversations going on around it. Housework suffers, as does laundry and the care and feeding of family members. In severe cases, personal hygiene and fashion sense begin to fail.
Short term cures involve massive amounts of coffee or other caffeinated beverages, take-out and solitude. Some may find speaking with other OBS sufferers brings some relief, although in some, this only exacerbates the symptoms. Exercise caution when approaching a group of highly animated writers until you can assess the situation.
Long term cures require extensive time spent at the keyboard (or with pen and legal pad) emptying the brain's contents onto blank pages. The long term cure may takes days, weeks or even years. Sadly, no cure exists for some. On occasion, trips to warm, sunny spots have proven effective in easing symptoms.
OBS is a recurring illness, rising out of a seemingly cured individual with no warning. Studies show triggers include a current work-in-progress that's progressing well, in addition to writing the words "the end," but as the writer's brain is a fragile structure to begin with, these studies were concluded early due to insufficient stockpiles of chocolate and wine and the inability of the writers involved to go on without those supplies.
Please support the search for a cure by donating chocolate and wine to any writer you know. You may further support the afflicted writers you know by purchasing any of their work that makes it into publication.
Together, we can make a difference.


  1. OMG-that is PERFECT.

    And I love the picture.

  2. Anonymous9:53 AM

    LOL! This is fantastic }:)

  3. Yes, yes, yes! *nodding* Especially this part: "On occasion, trips to warm, sunny spots have proven effective in easing symptoms."

  4. It is perfect. Very nice work. I have all the symptoms too. My brain needs a trip to Rio I think.

  5. I'm one of those whose OBS is only exacerbated by speaking with other sufferers--which is why can't WAIT for Dallas!

    (If anyone finds a cure, for heaven's sake, keep it away from me. :D)

  6. I could have sworn you were talking about me. :) LOL

  7. Okay you said coffee...and now I'm starting to shake. It's been 12 hours since my venti iced americano.

  8. I too suffer from OBS. Chocolate will help.

    Shelli, really you do need to keep up with the coffee consumption.

  9. One of my symptoms is murmuring to myself the dialogs the little voices in my head dictate to me while I'm doing other things.

  10. mmmn... Chocolate =:-)

    my addiction to the Pandora online music service is what kicks in my OBS far, far too often. i might need to try to write where an Interwebnet connection is not available...

  11. LOL
    You're so funny.
    I too suffer from this ailment.
    I'm elated to discover that the chocolate and wine I'm already consuming with recurring frequency will help me get through this horrible ailment.

    Thanks so much for sharing 'your' personal story so that the rest of us could lift up our heads from the shame of laziness...I mean OBS. :)