Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Keepin' It Real

I wrote seven pages yesterday, thanks to Lara Santiago yelling at me. She threatened to come to my house and cause me bodily harm if I didn't sit down and write.

I think I shall now call her the Mistress of the Whip. Or should that be WIP?

Either way, I'm happy with that word count for the day. Especially since I was feeling kind of icky yesterday and took some allergy meds that knocked me out for a bit.

In other news, I'm hiring a cleaning woman. Not sure if it's going to be a regular thing or just an occasional thing, yet - that will depend on the job she does. She used to be a translator for Disney and speaks six languages! Anyone need a translation for the book they're writing?


  1. Congrats on your pages. How many are you going to do today?

  2. No kids and a cleaning woman! Honestly, I expect a book every other week from you, then. Come on, Lara, whip her good.

  3. 7 Pages? Wow!!
    I need to threaten you more often. :)

    I 'do' need a translation.
    I want to know how to say...
    "Write more, Chickie, or I'll WIP ya!"

    Oh...and I also want to know how to say Mistress of the Whip. :)

  4. Oh, can I borrow Lara when you're done with her? I need my a$$ kicked every day from now until July 9. Oh, and send the housekeeper along with her...