Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Everything's Bigger In Texas

Even the soup.
Is that not the biggest bowl of soup you've ever seen as a single serving? Oddly enough, the waitress felt compelled to tell us it was heavy when she handed it over. Ya think?
According to Lara Santiago, the orderer and eater of this soup, it was tasty and delicous. But not by any means the small bowl she anticipated. She ordered it because she wasn't that hungry! And it came with that huge pile of rice!
I had tamales that night - one of my favorite things - and thanks to Deidre Knight, another chica at dinner with us that night, my foot somehow ended up on the table. I know you're going to ask so let me just say I was demonstrating my big toe's mouse-clicking technique.


  1. Holy 55 gallon drum, Batman!!

    It was pablano pepper soup. And it was very Yummy!!

    I call it the 'Bubba' bowl of Texas sized soup. And the spoon I'm holding...it was also huge! I could have had leftovers for a week if I'd gotten a to go barrel. :)

    On another note...let's take up a collection for charm school so Kristen can learn to keep her feet off the table. :)

  2. roflmao - and who ever heard of a side of rice with soup!!!

  3. Yes, but I bet she had pretty painted toes and toe rings and a tan. And those who chew blue lolly pops shouldn't poke tongues. :-)

  4. Very tasty! I'm sad I didn't get to spend more time with you two, but I'll see you next week in Orlando!