Monday, May 07, 2007

This Is The Week

I'm putting my foot down. (On myself. Can you do that?) This is the week I finish Date With The Devil. I finally heard about my hard drive and okayed the retrieval (it's going to cost me around $1500), so I should have my files back in two weeks or less. Might as well write since I need to stop shopping for a few months. lol

So, I have got to write those few last pages, I've got to tie up all the loose ends, bring everything to a nice, tight conclusion. Which means stop adding new threads, stop letting the story ramble on (I really don't think it's rambling, but this is one of the more complex stories I've written.)

Anyway, I want you all to keep on me this week. Make me accountable for my pages! Help me get to the end? Thanks. You're the best.


  1. You do realize that means we'll be nagging you. :-)

  2. It's been about 2 many pages do you have done? :):)

    I, too, must put Butt In Chair and Fingers On Keyboard this week to complete my current ms. It's called BICFOK in technical language, right?

    I know...let's race. :)

  3. You've spurred me on. I'm going to get the first 100 pages of Book 7 edited by the end of the week.

    I challenge you to a type off, ending on Saturday. We both will and there are no losers.

  4. I'd send you lots of coffee to help you with it!

  5. That's right, get working there, girl. In a reversal of roles I'm happy to be cracking the whip this week!