Monday, September 29, 2008

Alphabet Meme

I found this over at Travis Erwin's blog. Seemed as good a way as any to start Monday with.

A:Accent: Not that am I aware of. If you've heard me speak, do you think I have an accent?

B:Breakfast or no Breakfast: Breakfast is a must. I wake up hungry. Usually oatmeal or some kind of egg thing.

C:Chore I hate: Folding laundry. It's killing me slowly, one sock at a time...

D:Dog or Cat: Three fabulous cats. They keep life interesting. Seriously, when was the last time you crawled under a bed to rescue a lizard?

E:Essential Electronics: Laptop and TV. But laptop first.

F:Favorite Perfume: When I worked for Christian Dior, I was a diehard Poison fan. Now I mostly go for lighter florally body sprays.

G:Gold or Silver: Gold. I'm blonde. It works for me.

H:Handbag I carry most often: My limited edition Coach bag. I have others I like but changing them out seems too much like work, so I don't do it often.

I:Insomnia: Usually happens when I'm reading a good book and don't want to stop.

J:Job Title: SAHW? Stay At Home Writer

K:Kids: Best when they belong to someone else.

L:Living Arrangement: Fab house on the water (canal) with a pool. I'm a happy camper. My house is my castle!

M:Most admirable trait: I'll fight for my friends. Literally, if necessary.

N:Naughtiest childhood behavior: While babysitting my brother, refusing to let him eat anything in the house because I told him he was adopted. He isn't.

O:Overnight Hospital Stays: Never.

P:Phobias: Spiders, deep water I can't see through, being buried alive.

Q:Quote: "Scared money doesn't win." My dad.

R:Reason to smile: Have you seen my cats?

S:Siblings: One brother. Three years younger.

T:Time I wake up: Usually 7ish. Or when the cats stand on me.

U:Unusual Talent or skill: I'm sure I have one somewhere...

V:Vegetable I refuse to eat: None

W:Worst Habit: Procrastination

X:X-rays: Lots of mouth stuff, due to the orthodontics and oral surgeries I've had done.

Y:Yummy Stuff: Cookies and cake are a weakness. Plus, salty things.

Z:Zoo animal I like the most: Anything in the big cat family makes me happy. I could watch the leopard at our local zoo for hours. Especially when they give him an ostrich egg.

Feel free to play along!


  1. Love that meme! :)

    I have a weakness for salty things yoo, and I bet I'm a bigger procrastinater than you. LOL!

  2. Good stuff. I'm envious of both the house on the water and the stay at home writer, but definitely not those cats.

  3. LOL
    Love the kid comment. My sister and I did something similar to our youngest sister. Because she looked more like our mom and less like us, we told her that she had a different dad than us.
    Poor girl.
    I think we scarred her . . .

  4. Love this and love you dad's quote. I've used that in my day too. I may steal this one Monday.

  5. I thought my cat was the only one to stand on me at 7 am on the dot! Lol. It's funny most of the time, but not on weekends.

  6. Fun meme. Just for the heck of it (and because I'm lazy tonight) I joined in. =o)