Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Work Day

Today the writing begins anew. I'll have the house to myself for at least 3 days, so that should mean lots of pages. At least 15 but I'm hoping for more like 20 or 25.

I'm also hoping to get some cardio in today. Like 15 minutes on the elliptical. I'm so much more productive when I'm exercising.

Lastly, I have at least two loads of laundry to fold and put away. Ick. Laundry makes me sad.

But this makes me happy! I found the theme song for my current WIP. Hope you like it! (I don't know much about Bionicle - I just picked the video in order to share the song.)


  1. Have a good work day. Sorry about the laundry. Really breaks up the day. I'm sure you'll make your goals! Love the video. I'll share it with my Bionicle loving son.

  2. Ohh that's a good one. Daughter perked right up-It's Daughtry!

    At least you woke her up. Thanks!

  3. Yeah! Daughtry ROCKS!

    I'm so jealous you have all that writing time. Be productive, so I can live vicariously thru you. LOL!

  4. 25 pages! Hot damn. But you know, I'll bet you get there if you work out. The increased blood flow affects your brain too, and studies have shown that exercising actually does make you more productive. I think you're inspiring me to go take a walk!

    After lunch.

  5. Enjoy your time alone! :)

    And I hate laundry, too!

  6. LOL!
    My boys were listening to this last night! They love Bionicle videos!