Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can I go back to bed yet?

I spent half an hour this morning chasing Max, our youngest cat, around outside in my pajamas (braless) and socks - which were soaked through the first moment I stepped onto the grass.

Apparently, he pushed through a part of the screen in the lanai and decided to spend his morning chewing through the landscaping. Baaaaad kitty.

I had to slide the safety door over the cat door because as soon as I brought him back in, he immediately escaped out to the lanai and did it again.

Now he's crying at the sliding doors and looking at me like I am The Worst Mother ever.

I need a nap. It's not even 8 am.


  1. Oh Bad Kitty! Is he somehow communicating with Jack?

  2. I raise my coffee cup to you.