Monday, October 06, 2008

Drive By Monday To Do's

This is gonna be a busy week, I can feel it. Here's just a part of what's on my week's agenda:

1. Write 30 pages on the WIP
2. Finish the book I'm reading
3. Read another book I've been dying/meaning to
4. Create 5 new pieces of jewelry to beef up my inventory before opening my Etsy store
5. Come up with a name for the store
6. Workout 4 times
7. Do the floors
8. Dust
9. Laundry

And that leaves out all the errand running I know I'll have to do. Just today I've got to go to the Post Office again and get groceries, later on in the week I've got a Dr.'s appt and a meeting with my chapter critmates.

I should probably schedule time to breath. What are you doing this week?


  1. I wish I could say 'nothing'. I'd like a week to just veg out. But that's not to be. I'll be finishing the move, cleaning the old digs, having another garage sale, starting school back up again after the recent hiatus, unpacking, starting a new query process... I'm getting tired just thinking about it, so I better stop before I wind up back in bed. ;o)

  2. Eek! That is a busy week. I've got a busy one too. Floors, Dusting, laundry, Writing, Hosting Knitting this week, Anniversary!, Writing, Driving kids, Writing, doctor, more kid stuff, more house stuff it goes on and on...

  3. Hmm... what am I doing? Pretty much 1,3,6,8,9 and add shampoo the carpet on my stairs.

  4. Lots of writing. Lot's of teen stuff. Lots of wife stuff.

    Lots of stuff basically.

  5. LOL
    Same stuff but no jewelry making.
    Have fun!

  6. I hope to get back to semi-normal this week and do some cleaning and editing. :)

  7. You're busy! I did a major cleaning purge on the house this weekend and put up Halloween decorations so now I can focus on writing, writing, writing.

    And I just got something I ordered from an Etsy store and she packaged everything so beautifully! I love Etsy. I can't wait til you open your store! :)

  8. Hi,

    I should be cleaning and raking leaves, but I'm writing and doing my internet stuff.

    Oh and laundrey too. It's amazing how clothes can pile up.


  9. I tired just reading your list.