Friday, October 31, 2008

This Post Has No Title

WARNING: This is one of those rambling, going nowhere posts.

It just occurred to me that today is Halloween. (Except for carving this pumpkin.) Not such a big deal as there's nothing going on here that's Halloween-related. I didn't even buy candy to hand out - mostly because it's been hit or miss in the past. I buy candy, no one comes. I don't and they show up. I'm leaving the lights off, so it shouldn't matter.

I have a friend coming in for the weekend! She's one of my online CP's from Oregon. I'm sure there will be much writer talk. Tomorrow we're going to a massive book signing at a local mall with two of my other author friends, Lara Santiago and Roxanne St. Claire. Much fun will be had on Saturday, I assure you. (Of course, this means I will be cleaning today.)

In other news, yesterday was a good writing day. Nearly 8 pages. Super happy with that. I think I have roughly 140 pages left to write. I write in TNR 12 and now that most publishers go by actual computer word count, the 250 words per page thing just doesn't work any more. Anyway, my big push is to finish this book by the end of November. I'm feeling like I can do it. That's about 35 pages a week. Totally do-able, right?

Are you doing anything Halloweeny today? What are your weekend plans? Share!


  1. Helping my daughter with a final, going to a memorial service, writing an article and finishing the fourth chapter in my WIP.

    Not much.

  2. Oh! Oh ! I know who is coming to see you and I'm GREEN with envy! I haz love for her, and miss her. Tell her for me, K?

    And yes, you can finish. Now get going. Pretty Please.

  3. Taking the boys out to get mommy some free chocolate :-)

    So, you won on my blog! A B&N gift card (I'm a little jealous, LOL) So stop by and e-mail me your snail mail. :-)

  4. We have 2 new houses in our neighborhood with kids so I will probably get some candy. We haven't had trick or treaters in 5 years.
    Have fun with your friend this weekend!

  5. I am always envious of anybody that can write for a living - and you have a great blog to boot. Since today is Halloween I invite you to read my Ghost Story (attached below). It is not too long of a read, but it is a real event in my life.

    Sincerly, Marty

  6. Have fun this weekend! I'm a total Halloweeny. We carved pumpkins last night, kids have parties today and then a Harvest festival this evening. I'm just about Halloween'd out...


    And that page goal? Totally doable. I know you can do it!

  7. We were going to turn the lights out and forgo trick-or-treat, too. Then, I saw where Wal-Mart had candy on sale so I bought a couple of bags. I must admit that I like seeing the little children dressed up.

  8. We're doing the trick or treating thing, in a friend's neighborhood. Then, tomorrow, is the church carnival. Too busy!

  9. You are totally going to have knocks on you door now hat you have no candy. I'm handing out candy today and have a formal lodge thing with the DH tomorrow. He's wearing a tux and I have no clue what I'm wearing yet. Eek.

  10. Playing world of warcraft until midnight and then starting on my NaNoWriMo project. :-)

  11. Oooh, somebody said NaNoWriMo! If I were smart, that's what I'd be doing for my next book...

  12. Cool pumpkin thingy.
    That was fun. :)
    Tonight, I'm working on a few writerly things.
    Tomorrow will not be a writing day, but it will be a car load full of blond lollapollooza fun all the way to the signing.
    Can't wait. :)

    I had a houseful of teenagers for awhile, then they left to go trick or treating. Then they came back and played pool. (Yes there is a pool table in my living room)
    Now they've gone to one of the other kids homes for Chinese food. Whatever.
    Love my kids. They're cool. :)

  13. Anonymous11:09 AM

    No T&T'ers last night. No surprise. Haven't have any in YEARS. Maybe it's where we live or could it be that I buy candy and leave the porch light off?

    Great pumpkin pics!

  14. We had a ton of kids stop by for treats. No tricks, just my hubster scaring the kids with his gorilla costume. Even our little guy couldn't be coaxed with candy to go near him! The boys had fun and I'm still enjoying all of the chocolate they brought home.

  15. I'm resting and trying to get my tummy to calm down after eating too many sweets (the kids aren't the only who do that).

    I'm also trying to catch up on laundrey, and finished Alien heart, and starting on Dragon heart my Nanowrimo story.

    Busy busy.