Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wednesday Whatevers

It's Wednesday (duh) and the appt I thought I had today got canceled, rearranging my day. I still have to go to the post office, but I'd been waiting because I like to consolidate my chores. Now, I'm still going to have to go to the post office, but it'll be that and that alone. Bummer. I hate using up gas for one thing.

For those of you who asked, there's a photo of a necklace, bracelet and earring set I made recently, to give you an idea of what some of the jewelry I make looks like. I'll try to post some more pics as I make things.

Things I've noticed:

* My 50 books in a year isn't going as fast as I'd thought it would.
* There's never chocolate in the house when you want it, just when you shouldn't be eating it.
* Procrastination is the easiest thing ever.
* My writing goes really well...when I write.
* We have a new gator in the canal. He's a little bitty thing. I had to stop Hotrod from feeding him french fries.

Hopefully today will be one of those writing days where I apply myself and actually write. It will be. I just know it. What are you up to today?


  1. You and me both, sister. To all of the above.

  2. I'm going to try and get some writing in around the kids being home. Will be tough. I totally agree with you on all points too. I think we may have been separated at birth.

  3. I wrote like a mad woman yesterday because I knew my entire day would be shot. Going on a field trip with the kids and the husband - riding a train. And then a picnic. Fun!

    And I feel you on consolidating errands. We live in the sticks - no matter where we go it eats up gas so I try to do things all on one day...

  4. SO funny! I'm fixing to dig into some brownies myself.
    Good luck consolidating :-)

  5. Anonymous1:26 PM

    The jewelry is lovely, Kristen :)