Monday, February 07, 2011

I blame Louisa

All of a sudden, I have a craving for cowboy boots. These cowboy boots. Here's a little secret about me - I don't just love sparkly things, I also love embroidery like this. These boots speak to me for some reason. It's not like they make me want to run out and buy a horse, but they're just so pretty.

I want them. How cute would they be with just jeans and a t-shirt? Or a sundress? I've been looking at them for days. I know they're not that practical for Florida, but then, practical isn't usually a factor I consider. Also, if I ever get out to Durango again...perfection!

Should I?

PS. Louisa Edwards is to blame for me wanting these boots. She knows why.


  1. those are pretty darn awesome looking.

  2. They're gor-geous! We could think of places to wear them!

  3. I want you to HAVE those boots! I totally and willingly shoulder the blame for that gorgeousness.

  4. Oh, yes, you should.

    How many times do clothing/shoes/boots speak to you? Think how great you will feel wearing them.