Thursday, March 01, 2007

So It's March. Whatever.

I know you're wondering about the golf pic, but hold your horses and I'll get there.

I didn't accomplish all my February goals. I'm still 96 pages from finishing Date With The Devil. I blame my family's two week stay for about 70 pages of that not getting written. Then I decided to redecorate the master bath. That was good for another 20 - 30 pages, so you can see the goal was achievable, just didn't happen.

I did sell a short story, which was not one of my goals, so that goes under little surprises. Also, instead of developing the YA idea I had, I ended up getting two more potentially great YA ideas and playing around with them. So far though, none is as complete as the first.

March is going to be a busy, busy month.

1. Finish DWTD

2. Expand ONE YA idea, pitch to agent

3. Write article for RWR (due April 5th)

4. Design and sew at least part of dress for Faery costume ball at RT.

Besides that, there are chapter tasks to accomplish and, lo and behold, another family visit. This time on Hotrod's side. And on Friday, joy of joys, we're headed to the Honda Classic to watch a round of PGA golf. I'm all aquiver. Actually, if it weren't for the fact that I get to buy a new golf-watching-appropriate outfit, I'd be digging my heels in. I have stuff to do, for pete's sake!

Gotta keep Hotrod happy, though, you know? He is the reason I get to write full-time after all. I do love a man who lets me spend his money.


  1. Have fun at the golf tourny.

    And you sew on top of everything else? Good grief girl, is there nothing you can't do?

  2. I sew like I knit, only in straight lines and nothing fancy.

    Wait to see what the dress looks like before you're impressed. It might end up being a hot mess.

  3. Ohhh Golf. Watch those crowds, I hear they're brutal. Beer brawls and all that...

    Can you top last years costume? I doubt it!

  4. "Design and sew at least part of dress for Faery costume ball at RT." Good lord, you are the multi-talented Ms. Painter, aren't you? And yes, I saw your disingenuous earlier comment. Not sure I believe it, though.

    And I'm still excited about your story contract, by the way. Good luck on the rest of the stuff except for the PGA tournament.

  5. I love your blog title today. :)
    And I'm with you. How can it already be March? Crikey!!

    Have fun at the golf extravaganza in your new golf-watching-appropriate outfit. I'm sure it's fabulous, but I hope it's waterproof...looks like rain from my house. :)

  6. You are the woman, going to the golf thing and all.