Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Words

Well, what do you know? Ginormous is now officially in the dictionary, along with Bollywood and soduko. I think that's cool. I love new words! Who doesn't? Someday, I hope to make up a word that sinks into the general consciouness. Now that would be cool.

I also love how words come to mean new things or become new slang. Here are some I've heard lately:

Major - meaning cool. Ex: "That dress is major."

Proof - meaning "That's the truth." Substitue for word. Yes, this is one I'm personally pushing. Shut it. Ex: "He is so hot." "Proof."

Money - meaning something that is supremely good. Substitute for "the bomb." Ex: "That movie is money."

Heard any new words lately? Share!


  1. I don't think the people I talk with are that cool. They tend to just use the normal english words that aren't new, exciting or different. I'm hanging out at the soccer field this week so I'm hearing english from people from England. I'm not sure the kids really know what the English guys are talking about because some of the slang they use is just nutty.

  2. I make up half the words and I'm sure you'll find it in the dictionary. LOL

    You're such a "nu-nu" butt! That one's a classic of mine.