Wednesday, July 25, 2007

They Look So Innocent...

But looks can be deceiving. These two, and their brother, are menaces. Menaces I tell you!

Hotrod is away on a business trip, so I anticipated a lovely, snore-free evening of sleep. It was not to be.

See, my three nocturnal hellions couldn't decide whether or not they wanted to be inside or outside. When they were outside, that was fine because whatever trouble they were getting into on the lanai (I did find the back-end of small frog on the pool deck this morning, but I don't really want to dwell on that) was quiet. Until they decided to come in. Then the crying and pawing at the sliding door begun. It didn't fail to wake me up.

After dragging butt to the door to let them in (1:47am, 3:50am, 5:47am), they would then proceed to run amok through the house until deciding they wanted back out.

When Hotrod is home, this isn't an issue because we leave the slider open enough for them to come and go on their own. When he's not home, I keep everything shut and locked.

Ugh. I need a nap.


  1. (((Kristen))) I'd need a nap too!

  2. Go take a nap! Lousy cats - mine make me nuts.

    But we still love them right? Oh yes we do...


  3. We made the mistake of feeding our cats canned catfood in the morning when we wake up. They can have dried food in the bowl for the rest of the day. This was a mistake because if I want to sleep in they get really pissy. One racks his paw down the cheap ventian blinds in our bedroom. If that doesn't work, the other does drive bys over our heads. She'll leap up and run across our heads dodging swinging fists as she goes. I think they got together and nominated her for the job because one, she has more guts then the other male cats do and two, she's faster. It doesn't work to keep them outside all night because my son opens his window for them without even waking up.

    This was just a really long way for me to tell you that I totally empathize.

  4. Cats are the devil. Sorry.

  5. You need a cat door!