Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Still Sick(ly)

What is wrong with me? I can't be sick! I have things to do! I need to workout, get pages done on my WIP, write thank-you notes, follow up with authors/agents/editors I spoke to about doing interviews, etc on Romance Divas, clean my house, unpack, do laundry, scrub the remaining spray tan off myself...you get the picture. Instead, I'm barely conscious on my couch. Not so much what I had in mind.

Maybe I'll read. I did come home with a quite a few books that look promising. What are you doing?


  1. Kristen,

    Did you give me a bug? (I could have sworn that was Mel, not me, you were almost swapping spit with at the bar) I have a killer sore throat now, but I wouldn't take a second back from Dallas.

    It was great meeting you!

  2. I am a bit under the weather myself. I hope you feel better soon. I have edits I need to be working on but I'm busy fondling my new cover. I know. I'm bad. :)

    Miss you too!

  3. BABE. I thought it was just that you were allergic to Texas? I'm sorry you're sick.

  4. I think there was a sleeping potion added to the Dallas humidity. I've been dragging since I got off the plane in Florida.

    By the way, good luck scrubbing off the spray tan. The more I scrub the more strange I look. :):)

  5. Feel Better Soon!!!