Thursday, November 13, 2008

Easy Thursday

Hey, this is my 800th post! I can't believed I blogged that much.

Today I have two goals: vacuum and write. Exciting, huh? Well, the writing is, the vacuuming not so much. I think I should do the vacuuming now and get it out of the way. Oh, I might go out for a walk later, too.

In other news, did you catch Top Chef last night? I don't have any real favorites yet but I like the blond surfer boy from Miami, but mostly because he reminds me of chef John Besh (whom I adore), and I kind of like Eugene, the guy who worked his way up from dishwasher. How can you not like that kind of ambition and drive?

What's on your plate today?


  1. 1)Finish editing and then print out my manuscript.
    2)Make meatloaf
    3)Scrub tub
    4) Wash clothes
    Not necessarily in that order. :)

  2. 800! Woohoo! I don't know where my blog is at, but I'm probably about 20-30 behind you.

    Dang it. I missed Top Chef. I hope they re-run it today. The kid and I were talking about last season yesterday and we both agreed Stephanie deserved to win. This year, we'll see who shines.

    On my plate today: catching up on writing, groceries, postal visit, crocheting, and school.

  3. 800!!! Major congrats to you! All I can say is wow. And I loved Eugene on top chef. Lots of characters but I can't pick a real winner just yet.

  4. I LOVE Top Chef! Vacuum first. Less stress knowing it's done.
    Congrats on 800 posts! That's amazing. :-)

  5. I haven't watched yet, but it's actually one of my goals for the day! I'm a Top Chef virgin, so I'm excited to see what the show's all about.

  6. Thank you for the reminder, I really need to vacuum so off I go. And I should start some laundry too.

    Congrats on 800 posts!!! Yay!

  7. Anonymous11:34 PM

    My day didn't go as planned. I had all sort of great plans but unfortunately, they went into the "crapper" when one of my dogs had a bout of poopy on my carpet and I had to steam clean my carpets.

    From the picture, do you have a Dyson?