Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday To Do's

Don't be jealous, but one of the things on my list today is to finish my Christmas shopping. Yep, one trip to Target and I'll be done. The feeling of being done is beyond awesome. It's like Ed McMahon just showed up on my doorstep to tell me I've won the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes and I hadn't even entered. (Of course, I haven't wrapped anything yet. And with 3 cats, wrapping presents is a ginormous undertaking of skill and patience.)

I also have to run to the post office. Then I'm done with outside errands and I can dedicate myself to inside stuff. Which means writing (hoping for 8 - 10 pages, but would be happy with 5) and working on the Writing Basics Workshop I've giving to my chapter this Saturday. I'm not sure why I agreed to do that. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. Or I wanted to see just how far I could push myself before I went postal. I'm close. And I don't need to remind you that I now own a gun.

What's on your Monday To Do list?

Edited to add: A friend's daughter needs votes on her drawing to win a scholarship. Check it out in the link below and vote!


  1. I actually love that drawing! And I officially hate you. Can NOT believe you're done with Christmas shopping. I've barely begun.

    Monday To Do's: Pay bills, swim laps, read for research, WRITE at least 7 pages.

  2. Oh, no. Christmas Shopping? I haven't even planned Thanksgiving yet! Wah!
    I'm writing today. In fact, I should be doing that right now.

    PS. I wished you hadn't told me you bought my book. Too much pressure! LOL! But thanks. :)
    I look forward to returning the favor.

  3. I still can't believe how close it is to Christmas. Last year in Albuquerque, we had snow on the ground and were freezing our tails off. Now, its sunny and warmish, and I am still in summer mode. I just can't get into Christmas mode yet...its too weird.

  4. I'm now green with envy. I still don't know if I'm staying in NY or going to Savannah for Thanksgiving. Wow! You are together and now you want me to tell you what I'm doing today? What? Well I hope to run and edit and feed my kids.

  5. I haven't even begun shopping. I can't afford christmas this year...I think we're just going to decorate a Charlie Brown tree and dream about future Christmases.

  6. Christmas isn't even on my radar yet. You are my shopping hero! You get a gold star for being so organized and for finishing before Thanksgiving!

    Today, my to do list is to stay awake. I hate Mondays.

  7. I missed Caturday :-( Very cute.

    To-do lists? What are those? LOL I haven't started shopping so it's too late. I'm jealous. But I'm happy for you that the stress is done. And nice pic!

  8. I started shopping this weekend via online and did a few things this morning. I want to be done by the end of November because my husband leaves for 2 weeks the beginning of Dec. and that equals stress me out time. LOL

    So yes I'm jealous of you being done. Very jealous!

  9. Wow. I was proud that I started my shopping so early. I always say I'm going to, but with taxes due on Dec. 5 that is always on my mind first.
    The drawing is very nice. I'm voting!

  10. Anonymous9:14 PM

    OK - I confess. ALL my Christmas shopping is done. All packages are wrapped. I have two more gifts I've ordered that I'm waiting on. It's a good thing too. Hubby's elderly aunt is in bad shape and we are basically awaiting "the call." Since I've finished his side of the family, he'll be able to take all the gifts with him to Memphis.

    I voted, BTW.

  11. What is this I have to sign in with Vegan sumthing to view your blog?