Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Ramblings

1. I cut myself on tinfoil. I didn't know that was possible. I do now.

2. Reading 50 books in a year while trying to write a minimum of 2 is harder than it sounds, especially when your characters won't shut up.

3. The holidays are too hectic. Why do they have to be so hectic? I love them, but not the rushing.

4. Cats are good teachers of how to slow down. Waaaaaaaay down. Unless they've just pooped and then they're good teachers of how to break the land speed record.

5. There is too much junk mail in the world. Why is someone sending me a cigar catalog? Seriously?

6. Once a week, cake should be free at all cake supply places.

7. Lists are fun.

Feel free to ramble back with whatever nonsense fills your head. Seriously. The stranger the better. Go!


  1. Ouch on the tin foil.
    I love that pic.
    I'm going to the gym this morning. Yay me.
    My house is a mess. A MESS
    There is way too much crap on my table.

  2. It just occurred to me that this house has three bathrooms, and the only one with a window is the one in the basement. =o\

  3. I think I'd like to eventually try my hand at a Gothic romance.

    I vacuumed and whistled the Matchbox Dancer and my bird sang with me.

    I got so much done yesterday, but I feel like I got nothing done.

    I'm making pot roast in my crock pot and the house smells AWESOME. I love a braised hunk of cow.

    That is the Best Picture Ever and I want to show the kids so they can torment the cat.

  4. I wish someone would give me a gift certificate to Merry Maids. (Have they ever refused a job after seeing the house?)

  5. I want what Barbara wants. A gift certificate to Merry Maids. A dream come true...

    I had no clue you could cut yourself on tin foil. Ouch!

  6. I think it would be fun to be Elton John for a day.

    I'm ready for lunch.

    I'm wondering which book number you're onto now.

  7. I was all "pishaw - 50 books in 1 year, easy peasy!"
    And then I realized that I have read around 20. And its november.

  8. 1)I have a feeling my computer is ruining my already poor eyesight.

    2)I want some brownies yet I'm full.

    3)Lists ARE fun.

  9. Lists are fun. I make one every day. I try to force other people to make lists if they don't already do it.

  10. Wow, tin foil? That's crazy.
    Hmm, I'm with you on the free cake thingy. Let me know if it happens. LOL

  11. All that junkmail keeps me gainfully employed.