Monday, August 07, 2006

Atlanta, Part IIII - Random Diva Images

A random group of divas prepares to set off into Hotlanta and leave their mark...

Jax-a-licious and Super Star Sylvia Day at the Literacy Signing. Is there a nicer chickie than Sylvia? She's such a sweetie!

Jax and I in our awards ceremony best mugging for the camera. (And yes, that is the "Jungle Goddess" dress I spoke of. C'est magnifique, no?)

Shelli loves butter. Mmmm...come to mama, you lucious dairy product, you! In Shelli's defense, it was good butter. And by the end of the night, that butter was saying her name...

Me and the magically delicious Candy Havens, double RITA nominee. Have you picked up her fab follow up to Charmed & Dangerous, Charmed & Ready? If not, you're dismissed to go buy it.

Well! GO!


  1. Love the dress! Next to little Jax you look like a lovely amazon princess.

  2. You are babe-licious!! Great photos, Kristen.

  3. Jeez, Kristen! You're a bombshell! What a fabulous dress. I love your pics.

  4. Purrrrrrrr. Lovin' the jungle dress. Makes me wanna dress in leaves and swing from a vine...

  5. Teri - Thanks! (And for the record, I prefer "glamazon"

    Sela - I decided to hold back the more um, bosomus one of you.

    Jen - I like to think of myself as the thinking man's Pamela Anderson.

    Mel - Tarzan, me Jane?

  6. Your gown was gorgeous, Kristen.


  7. Those are great pics! Love the jungle dress. :-)

  8. Oh yeah, baby. I'll be your Tarzan.

    I even got enthusiastic Thumbs Up from the hubby on that one. LOL!

  9. ACK you got the butter pic up. LOL.

    I snagged that group pic, I love it! And you do have sexy pics! Did you get all the ones I had of you guys? I'll send them to you!

  10. Hi from the random diva standing next to Jax.

  11. I can hear your voice in your comments. Love it!