Friday, August 25, 2006

Not A Romantic Suspense Fan UNTIL...

I read Roxanne St. Claire's Thrill Me To Death . Wow! What a great read! Not only is Roxanne a great writer - some of her phrasing is just perfection - but she's got a real talent for sculpting larger than life characters you can believe in. This book was just so much fun! (And yes, it is rather on the sexy side...whew!)

Romantic Suspense isn't my usual read, but from now on Roxanne's Bullet Catcher series is on my automatic buy list. These books are just too good to pass up. This one kept me up 'til 2am!

Here's the blurb:

A hot-blooded bodyguard. An heiress worth a cool billion. And one dangerous attraction.... Roxanne St. Claire delivers a heart-pounding thrill ride in the second Bullet Catchers novel!


Max Roper never lets emotion get in the way of his job -- not since the tragic shooting that killed his fiancée's father. Now the former DEA agent is a Bullet Catcher, and he's managed to block out Cori's bitter goodbye -- and their sizzling passion. Those dangerous desires come back with a vengeance when Max is assigned to protect a recently widowed heiress: who turns out to be Cori. But Max must also discover his ex's dark
secret...and they both know she can't hide anything from him.


Her luxury lifestyle suggests that Cori has gone from being a trophy wife to a merry widow, but nothing could be further from the truth. Suspicious of her billionaire husband's sudden death, she hires a bodyguard. But her protector is the one man who can melt her every defense -- the one man she blames for her deepest sorrow, the one man whose six-feet four-inches of solid muscle ignites reckless passion in her. And as they close in on a killer who hides in plain view, their high-stakes affair could cost her everything...including her life.

You REALLY need to check this book out. It's a great escape.


  1. Kristen, you doll! Thank you! I'm so glad I could convert you to the world of sex and danger, also known as romantic suspense. Since this is a writer's blog, it's only fair to tell you that THRILL ME TO DEATH was a killer. I have the bald spots to prove it. Some books just flow and fly, the conflict clear, the motivation believeable, the characters cooperative, the next amazing scene just ready to slide out of your fingertips and onto the keyboard. This wouldn't be one of those. But, thank God and my muse (who can be found under the name Max Roper on the "Meet The Bullet Catchers" page of my web site), it all miraculously worked out.

    Thank you so much for the props, baby. I have wasted a good half hour of my writing day re-reading your gowing comments and, well, glowing.


  2. I was looking for something new to read. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Finally, somebody got you into a little sexy danger, and suspense! LOL

    I loved this book, too, Kristen.
    Fast pace, tight, and two dynamic characters!

    Props to you Ms. St. Claire. I would have never guessed this book was a "headbanger" LOL. Very smooth, indeed.