Saturday, August 12, 2006

What are your favorite smells?

Before you think this is just a random question, it isn't. I'm doing some research. So just hush up and answer.

I love the smell of baking bread, freshly mowed grass, watermelon, the sea as you approach it, the earth after a good rain.

What about you?


  1. You forgot cat breath.

    I love lavendar, rosemary, basil, thyme and tarragon.

    I love lemon, mango, papaya and guava.

    I love cream and vanilla.

    I love puppy breath. I love freshly scrubbed children.

    I love sharp tree smells, but not conifers.

    I love lemon verbena.

    I love pipe tobacco, but not pipe smoke. If it is combined with the scent of leather and old books, I'm likely to have a public orgasm.

  2. Vanilla. Cloves. Fresh squeezed lime.

    A meadow of wildflowers when the wind is kicking up before a storm.

    Fresh hay as it's tossed down from a summer-heated feed loft.

    The smell of baby shampoo on my little one's head as she tucks it under my chine before falling asleep.


  3. Vanilla, freesia, coffee, baby shampoo (on the baby), freshly mown grass, and the air after a good rain!


  4. I wear vanilla or grapefruit b/c they are two of my fav. smells.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of new money (I'm not kidding) real honeysuckle, real gardenia, sweat (yes, I'm serious) good bourbon, fresh mowed lawns, and like you, the earth after a good rain.

    I love the smell of ciggies when I'm drinking.

    and Leather. Mmmm. Leather.

  5. Blooming hyacinth and Texas mountain laurel.

    Babies with clean diapers.


    Fresh sheets.

    My dh.

  6. Definitely Coffee first!
    And then the following in no particular order...

    Freshly laundered sheets still warm from the dryer.

    Chocolate chip cookies baking.

    Carnations and roses.

    Vera Wang perfume.

    My DH as well.

  7. Roasting turkey.

    The ocean.

    The smell of the air before a thunderstorm.

    All Christmas smells.

    The fall breeze.

    Orange blossoms.

  8. Freshly cut grass.
    Coffee (one of those things that smell good but taste ICK).
    Puppy breath.

  9. Freshly ground coffee. Which is why I am in love with Starbucks. It fulfills me on so many levels.

  10. Sela! Yankee candle came out with a candle that smells just like that. Although I don't know if it's still carried (it's green). I love the same smell! (but without the orgasming bit)I love it because of my grandfather. (See? not orgasmic--at all) I couldn't use it because it was MONDO strong and gave me a killer headache.

    So, first smell I love is a pipe. I've actually followed the smell to men and conversed as to why I love the smell. It's not a common smell anymore.

    I love the smell of my husband's sweat.

    Pledge. Lemon Pledge to be exact.(Nana used it along with my favorite bookstore)




    Maine ocean. But it's a particular smell because not only do you have the ocean, but the pines too.

    Petite Cheve children's shampoo. I think it's a vetivert smell. LOVE it on my kiddos.

    Smell, memories, emotions. Thanks for making me remember those things Kristen.

  11. I love the smell of Redwood trees, especially after it rains. I love the smell of wood smoke. I love the smell of baby powder, chocolate chip cookies, chili, carpet cleaner.
    Weird smells I like--Creosote (it's a construction thing), freshly caught fish, Old English.
    I like winter smells, if that makes any sense--like cider, apples, cinnamon, all spice, douglas fir and hot chocolate.

  12. I can't believe I didn't think of coffee! I LOVE the smell of coffee brewing.

  13. Oh hope I'm not too late...I've had a couple busy days and haven't been by your blog...

    Let me see:
    My mom's chicken and dumplins
    New born puppies and kitties
    Fresh cut Christmas trees
    Clean laundry (another Yankee candle must have!)
    Almost all fresh fruit, cherries, apples, watermelon, bananas yummy!
    Musty old libraries
    and I love the smell of fancy hotels!

    Thanks that was fun! I even sneezed just now...weird!

  14. Hyacinths and Lilacs

    Skunk from a distance

    Freshly cut watermelon

    Hot mulled cider

    Apple Pie baking

    Freshly just opened can of Hazelnut coffee, then the wafts of scent as it brews

    Driving down a road in late spring with the windows down when a breeze brings in scents of masses of honeysuckle that grow in a valley along side ... best smellin' drive for miles around.

  15. I forgot about smells because I was too entranced with your cat picture. What a beauty!

  16. Umm... cat breath. Ooops. That's you, not me.

    I love the smell of the ocean.

    And Old Spice.