Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back to the Writing

I'm writing again - not that I wasn't writing before but prepping for conference, being at conference, recovering from conference and an interested writing opportunity unrelated to my WIP took me off course for a while.

So now I'm back and rediscovering my story and my characters. I love my hero and heroine! They're fun characters, full of issues (both natural and supernatural) and I'm ready to finish this story and give them a HEA. They deserve that much after everything I've put them through.

But getting back into the story has meant focusing in a big way, since I came home from conference I've had numerous new ideas. Ideas that are pestering me to be written. Do you have that issue? A head full of ideas and no time to write them all? How do you work around them? Do you write them down, take notes, tuck them away in a file? Do the ideas come to you fully formed with a hero, a heroine, a working title, a plot line OR are they just sketches?

Or maybe you're one of those writers who struggles for the next idea?

Talk to me! (Just wanted to say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your "scent" replies. Great stuff!)


  1. I flip I have so many ideas. So many ideas, so little time, but life is long and hopefully I'll be at this as long.

    I write everything down in a notebook. I write what I get, so that I don't lose whatever g ve me the spark of inspiration. I always do a GMC for the characters and a who are you, what do you want and what's the worst thing I can do to you (alla PBW).

  2. I write ‘em down and move on. And sometimes, the idea will quietly percolate in the back of my mind and flow from me in a rush when I finally have the time to write it.

  3. I'm so new to the "big" stories it seems like I have way too many floating in my little head! In the past with the kids stories I always jotted down the ideas in my sketch book next to some little doodle. But now I've started just writing my ideas in a notebook, or word or my sketchbook (whatever's handy). I still doodle characters faces or the wild planets they live on... I hope the ideas sit around long enough to become real enough to write them!
    I'm in the begining of my first novel but I still think about another story I'd like to write and another and another... Does that happen to most writers? Do you think about the next story while you're still knee deep in the one your working on?
    Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

  4. I write them down. Sometimes, I hear bits of conversations from characters that belong to a different story and I write those down...file them away...and do my damnedest to move on. :)

  5. I'm an idea girl, but can only work on one thing at a time!

  6. I am suffering from idea overload at the moment. To ease the pain I have started scribbling notes about all of those ideas right before I go to bed. Continue writing on my current project and then just before I go to sleep I pick up my bedside notebook and add a few notes about the stories that wont go away! HeHe