Friday, September 14, 2007

Share The Blog Love

What are some of your favorite blogs to visit? I'm looking to broaden my blog horizon, as it were. Does have to be a writer blog either - I visit a fair amount of food blogs, a few gossipy blogs and some fashion blogs, so anything fun is fair game.

On a seperate note, have you seen this:


  1. Ooh, share those food blogs! Sounds interesting!

    Blogs I visit are mostly writing ones. I'm BORING that way. But I like:

    and (for fun)

    PS. That YouTube clip was GREAT!!!

  2. Here are some of my faves: (Okay, not a true food blog, but whatever)

  3. Anonymous9:27 AM

    LOL that should be Writeminded for the last one :)

  4. Almost all the blogs I visit are writing blogs, and I think we share a lot of them on our blog surfing adventures. Although I do have to give a shout-out to The Good Girls Kill for the Money Club because they let me guest blog for them a couple weeks ago. =oD

    The only good non-writing, foodie blog I visit is: Help! I Have a Fire in my Kitchen.

  5. Mostly I take the time to visit writing friends, like...

    And industry/reviews blogs, of course:

    And, I have to recommend because, well... I co-own it :-)

  6. Without question, the Fug Girls:

    They rip celebrity red carpet fashion to shreds, love 90210, Dynasty, and George Clooney--and hate everything else. Ha-larious.